The pose of the protest - laizism as a symbol of strengthening

India gate – an indian monument disappears in the smog of the capital. Image: christian hobbie (2019)

India and turkey were long as a parade examples of the laizist state doktrin. But the religious nationalism of the current autocrats is sudden and stalls on old misunderstandings.

The political observers of asia recognize the pregnant parallels of the turkish and indian backlog progressive democracies and their caught. The misunderstandings of the west are already reflected in the perception of the orient as a political space.

A question of the definition power

During the media controlled openness since the 11. September the US and the middle east focuses, world political escalation also affects very different regions and conflicts that are rather marginal in the west. For example, in latin america, human rights activists, social movements and dissocessors of neoliberalism have been confronted since the latest quickly with a lump-sum terrorism. A closer look to colombia, ecuador and mexico, however, raises the question of whether it is not the existing order to be maintained with terrorist funds.

"That’s what the city is always recognizable, where you remember when you have forgotten the skin mushroom and the heat for a long time, the flames, the fire over the refinery, the troubled ziers in orange, yellow and blue high over the roof. The oil fighters appear far from the four- or funfstocky hotels in the center, the drilling tower, tanks and militar versions to be seen at the incident. … The village that seems to insist only from plug-in barracks is in the semi-darkness, despite its allegedly 400,000 inhabitants and the large refinery in the country. In many neighborhoods no electricity because the power plant is too small or undergone or the line is broken again. … The bus rocks restless. You can see the swinging glowing pears of billiardsalons, the dark, sweethearing skin of passers-by, the small powers in front of the pubs, the cantinas, and spurt, that this one encounter st, a nervous together, the return of a passion you just do not get started. This city is barrancabermeyja."

Many motorists do not come clearly with the operation of modern cars. According to a nationwide survey of the expert organization DEKRA, about 77 percent of all motorists have difficulties with the operation above all the electronic devices. 40 percent of respondents who can distract too much technology when driving driving. The survey coinces with the findings of the DEKRA traffic safety report 2012, which on the 29. Marz 2012 parliamentarians is presented in berlin.

The DEKRA survey also gave that most motorists (78 percent) from the advantages of technical progress in the car – easier driving, security and comfort – are quite convinced. A quarter of respondents (27 percent) indicated that modern technology has already preserved them in dangerous situations or in an accident before worse.

Ratsel gives the car riders of ofter the operation of the navi systems, which are now used by 74 percent of the drivers. After all, 12 percent of users designate the operation of the equipment as difficult. It is not better in the multifunction lever, with which 13 percent does not come clear. With the telephone and audio system, 11 percent.

Old swede: 50 years of volvo in germany

Ulm, 22. July 2008 – volvo comes from latin and means "I roll," a fitting name for a car manufacturer – especially since the swedes’ first model, the ov4, covered just 90 kilometers. It is all the more surprising that the meaningful name actually had a completely different origin: assar gabrielsson, who together with gustaf larson is said to have forged the plan for an automobile company at a crab dinner, had acquired the dormant subsidiary AB volvo from his former employer, the ball bearing factory SKF, and established it as the company name. In april 1927, the company’s first mass-produced passenger car rolled off the production line.

Curious after koln

It was not until 1958 that volvo came to germany and moved into its first plant in frankfurt. In 1965, the company moved to dietzenbach in hesse, and in 1994, under curious circumstances, to bruhl near koln. At that time they wanted to be close to the possible merger partner renault (which is still located in bruhl today), but this merger did not happen. As a result, volvo did not move back to hesse, but settled in the southern district of koln, rodenkirchen. In 1999, this choice of location proved to be quite practical when ford took over the swedish automaker. Since then, many volvo models have been and continue to be equipped with ford technology, such as the V40.

Back to the volvo brand, which of course also includes the appropriate logo. Since swedish steel was one of the basic components of the vehicle, it made sense to use the common symbol for iron, which is also the symbol for the planet mars. The only problem was attaching the small symbol to the radiator, so it was fitted with a diagonal support for the actual emblem. The prominent diagonal volvo stripe was therefore not created as an ornament but as a fastening element.

AIRTAGS: Apple improves the stalking protection

Apple needs to emerge at the firmware for AIRTAGS: the version 1, which is already committed at the beginning of june.0.276, which is to improve the stalking protection of the tracker, will now be provided in a new catch. The version number itself remains unnecessary. Information on the innovations of the firmware revision has not yet called apple.

Many AIRTAG users reported that they are the firmware update to 1.0.276 have not received in the course of the backing weeks, but the new version after sharing has now been directly installed on the tags. Maybe the new build of the firmware thus corrects problems when playing.

The firmware version currently installed on the airtags can be found in the "where is?"-APP exams, for that you types the battery icon in the AIRTAG detail view to open the firmware version information – as well as the serial number. An installation of the update does not manually make, it will be performed automatically when the airtags are located near the associated iphone.

Siemens to supply electric drives for volvo

Munich, 31. August 2011 – siemens and volvo to cooperate on development of drives for electric cars. First joint project is to equip the volvo C30 electric with a siemens drive including power electronics and charging technology. The vehicle is scheduled to undergo initial road tests before the end of 2011. From the end of 2012, volvo will deliver 200 units of the C30 electric to siemens, where they will be tested as a test fleet under everyday conditions.

Remaining flexible

The development and production of powertrains is a core competence that carmakers do not normally like to relinquish. Because the development and production of internal combustion engines is associated with high value creation. In order not to lose this advantage with electric cars, volkswagen, for example, is developing its own electric drives and batteries. Volvo lacks the prerequisites for this because, as a ford subsidiary, the swedes are already predominantly ford manufacturers in the lower segments. However, volvo also does not want to set up its own production facility because working with a major partner makes it more flexible: the future platforms will be designed to be scalable so that they can be used for different levels of electrification. At the IAA (15. To 25. September 2011), volvo plans to present its platform concept.

Electric wholesale

Siemens, on the other hand, is well positioned to play a strong role in passenger cars because of its experience in rail and hybrid technology. Electric drives, battery management and charging technology are regarded as key technologies in the development of electric cars, according to munich. "The cooperation with volvo is an important milestone in the development of high-quality components and systems for the later series production of electric cars", said siegfried russwurm, member of the siemens managing board. Siemens wants to establish itself in the long term as a global systems supplier for electric vehicles. "We see ourselves as a comprehensive pioneer of electromobility".

The danger conflict cashmere is all

Gilgit-baltstan, where the solution of the conflict between india and pakistan could lie. Photo: gilbert colonko

In the crisis between the nuclear becomes india and pakistan, as for 71 years, it is all about the bergregion kashmir

Actually, everything seemed to go out as expected. The indian prime minister narendra modi had his "militar" in pakistani balacot and could have been asserted by his army, to have told 350 camphor of the jaish-e-mohammed (jem).

Lawyers are the new actors

All pictures: real fiction movies

A documentary illuminates the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele

In the film, "the ladence – a german history" lights birgit schulz the development of horst mahler, otto schily and hans-christian strobele. On a common photo1, which serves as a starting point to the film, the then long-bangible mahler looks like a mixture of greek philosophers and old testamenturical whimerco, the momentary schily like a mixture of dandy and western hero and the contemporary strobele as an actor of a commissioner episode.

The mafiose war concomtion on the balkan has survived the wars whopping

Two weeks after the murder of the serbian prime minister zoran djindjic (shock condition in serbia), the background of the assassination seems to clarify. On tuesday, the DJINDJIC successor zoran zivkovic certainly could present the two muteaffective tatters. These are the 38-year zvezdan jovanovic and its 32-year complicity sasa pejakovic. This seems to be confirmed directly after the assassination of the assessments. The murder of djindjic was planned from the center of the mafia-woven state security apparatus and executed.

Jovanovic is not an order killer but vice commands that are subject to the ministry of interior unity for special operations (JSO), in which pejakovic serves. Also under the name red beret well-known troupe is payable to the most chunky special units that the serbian state apparatus has to offer and is directly linked to the mafia. The long-term invitator of the 2001 red beret, milorad lukovic alias legija, is the boss of the zemun clan, a mafia bande that controls a coarse part of the drug trade in the balkans. There are numerous JSO members with them. As a careful wire of the assassination is legija with a number of other ZEMUN clan members still uneven.

Delivery times for new cars: suv buyers are waiting for the longest

Duisburg, 5. October 2011 – delivery times for new cars in germany remain a high level of high levels. The average waiting time was 3.6 months in september as in august 2011. A closer look at the study results of the center automotive research (CAR) of the university of duisburg-essen clarifies that the delivery periods depend on the manufacturer and model clearly. Before all the buyers sought-after SUV models often have to be fun for five months and more long to the vehicle.

BMW delivers the fastest

At 2.5 months on average, BMW is the manufacturer with the shortest delivery times. Compared to august 2011, the munchner manufacturer has its customers to wait 0.4 months less on individually configurable new cars. Although suzuki was also able to improve by 0.3 months, yet the japanese manufacturer together with KIA forms the tail light (5.1 months each). However, the two asian manufacturers have to accept long transport routes. VW also has a high-average delivery time with five months. Volvo was able to improve the strongest. At the swedish manufacturer, the delivery times with three months compared to the previous month decreased by 0.9 months. Among the german manufacturers audi makes the big jump. The ingolstadter let your customers with 4.1 months delivery time now wait 0.8 months less. According to CAR, the results indicate a rearance in the german car market, the highlight of the new orders is therefore already exceeded.