A new home for the porsche story

A new home for the porsche story

Stuttgart, 3. December 2008 – the coarse name of porsche was compensated for many years mainly through the 911, albeit names and names such as 356, 917 or carrera epaulasis immediately for knowingly nod. Now, however, it will be tight in the museum, which houses all these athlete legends, because it only enough for 20 exhibits. So the zuffenhausen car maker for a new building decided to open early 2009.

History on 5600 square meters

In the middle of 2004, the porsche board board gave grunes light for the spectacular construction project. With the approximately 50 million expensive project, the architecture buro delugan meissl from vienna was commissioned. The 5600 square meter coarse exhibition area rests on three so-called steel concrete cores, which should give the building a floating look. Most of the approximately 80 vehicles have already been set up. In the entrance area, the company history is found before 1948, the main part with the history from 1948 is sent by topic islands. They deal with prototypes and the ara of the race car 917. One of the highlights is the "porsche nr. 1 "from 1948, the very first car of the brand.

Open opinion at the end of january 2009

The museum workshop, the museumshop, the porsche archive as well as various restaurants and event areas pay for the other areas of the new building. From the 31. January 2009, the treats of the new museum for visitors will be open. From 9am to 6pm, the exhibition can be visited daily, auber mondays. The entrance fee amounts to 8 euros, the admission is 4 euros. Children up to the age of 14 have accompanied an adult free admission. The museum is located on porsche square in stuttgart-zufenhausen between the schwieberdinger strain (B 27) and the S-bahn station neuwirtshaus. Porsche boss wiedeking expects the number of museum visitors from 80.000 in 2004 to significantly over 200.000 will increase.

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