Brandenburg: tesla can buy very favorable country

Tesla is said to receive the approximately 300 hectare of rough bands for his planned factory in grunheide in brandenburg for just under 41 million euros. This is about information of the dpa from wednesday (8. January 2020) from a template for the landtag budget committee. The purchase price corresponds approximately € 13.50 per square meter, in the adjacent business park freienbrink, however, the benchmark is 40 euros per square meter, in the europarc threelinden according to land at 310 euros. There is the grandfather but already opened. An opinion on the basic sugar value is still out.

First only part use planned

Tesla wants east of berlin up to 500.000 model 3 and Y vehicles as well as conceptual models in the year build. The start of production is intended for july 2021, as shown in the report of the newly concentrated tesla manufacturing brandenburg to the environmental contract. The bands that tesla wants to buy is exactly 304 hectares. It is located in a forest area. In the first construction stage, first planned to use only 152 hectares.

In december 2019, the red-black-grune state government and tesla had agreed according to the state government over the purchase. According to government, the tesla board wants to decide until mid-january 2020, whether he approves the contract. The budget committee of the landtag berat already on this thursday (9. January 2020) about the consent. He can, even if the contract is not yet signed.

Criticism of left faction

The left faction in the landtag warned, she will not exhibit blanko authority. "The committee is intended to approve the basic priced sale of tesla based on an unable to comprehensible submission," criticized household politicians ronny kretschmer in a message. The purchase price should only be determined by a valuation report that the country can be created by the end of january via a reviewer. "So far, there was only a value determination by the state operation forst – and its result is far below the ground value of 40 euros per square meter, which is officially stated for the adjacent good dealer freebrink."Also a clause for the further enchantment is nebulos and muse to be clarified.

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