Conti supplies lithium-ion batteries for daimler

Already at the beginning of january, the supplier had been committed, but a customer did not call CONTI at that time. Now there is clarity: continental will produce a lithium-ion battery for hybrid vehicles in the end of this year for the first time in series. It is used in the mercedes S 400 bluehybrid, the daimler had only announced last friday. According to continental board member karl-thomas neumann, this is an important breakthrough as a supplier of battery systems. In the next few years, the supplier with other lithium-ion energy stores will go in series for mild, full hybrid and electric vehicles.

Compared to the incoming nickel metal hydride technology, lithium-ion batteries provide a higher energy density and thus range. Therefore, they also play an essential role in the CO2 reduction. In the lithium-ion battery, continental delivers the inverter and the DC / DC converter for the hybrid mercedes. The inverter controls the energy flow between the electric motor and hybrid battery, the DC / DC converter is the link between the hybrid battery and the standard base network and makes the incomable alternator unnecessary.

After johnson controls juice had already opened a factory for lithium-ion batteries at the beginning of february, continental is the first european supplier who can ask a concrete series application for lithium-ion batteries. With regard to the expected hybrid models of other german manufacturers such as BMW and volkswagen, this could prove to be a competitive advantage. However, whether daimler’s concept to integrate the battery into the climate circuit, even with the expected mild hybrid drives in mid-class vehicles is to be seen.

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