Drive-thru supercenter come

Despite increasing the risk of origin, the next year in the US, the first shopping centers for the automotive customers will open

Not only the americans are too fat (the members of the information society are increasingly being focused), but it is a virtually worldwide trend, which is natural in the rich countries the strongest appearance. For example, a new long-term study has shown that the baby boomer generation great britain, this year was investigated in 1958, and just the middle class is more and more junk food eats and at the same time increasingly moved. In addition to the unilateral diet, moving poverty plays a rough role, because only a fraction of the people actually drives regular sports. In the US, another step is initiated to reduce the niches of the remaining movement forces in the altag.

Drive-Thru Supercenter come

The first drive thru of jack in the box, 1951 as "food machine" opened.

Drive-in restaurants, cinos or shops and also churches are nothing new. They originated with the spread of cars since the 20s in the USA. Since the 1950s, the drive-ins, mainly replaced by jack in the box and mcdonald’s by drive-thru. Fast fast food so in optimal connection with motion poetry. There are drive-thru banks, pharmacies and business.

But the automotive people had to water their coarse shopping with the legs. Shopping is a fubing, one of the few opportunities to move, without driving sports right away to compensate for seating. The shopping paradises have always been inflated to gross and gigantic malls, naturally outside the inner town with coarse parking, to restrict the movement on the swing inside the consumer temple or town.

But that could soon be different. At the end of the next year, autocart LLC initially affinated in albuquerque, new mexico, and tucon, arizona, the first, for the first thing to reinforce with many patents "drive-thru supercenter" with a flat of 12.000 square meters and 60 shopping stations. More than 25.000 were to receive the customers there without putting a fub from the vehicle. There will be food divisions, bakery, pharmacies, banks, flower shops, cleaning, DVD and computer game rental, writing and lottery levels. More than 7.000 customers could be served in time.

And the tarpaulins are still roughly roughly, even if such shopping centers can easily be outdated quickly, if e-commerce with faster delivery will also prevail in the food area at least in city areas of stronger. For the next few years, steve beardsley, prasident of autocart, sees a future market for such shopping centers. Planned is the construction of 1.500 drive-tru supercenters in the next ten years in north america. The advantage of these consists, so beardsley, just that there is more in a place, which gains time, is not exposed to the weather and no parking space is looking for: "the autocart drive-thru supercenter is designed to save every consumer time and money."

But save the shop owners in the supercenters. They could, so promised bearsley, dramatically reduce costs associated with a normal retail store, for example, workplaces, the place for the sales room along with the roads were saved for the continuous customers or losses due to theft. Autocart supplies the shop, the local staff is only for the necessary "human touch" responsible.

But the time for the drive-thru supercenters was therefore therefore because the technology is now available for their operation. FKI logitex ensures a modern warehouse management system that allows the highest speed. The shops are equipped with touchscreens to order and communicate with the local sales staff. You can also order the phone, fax, laptop or PDA and pick up the goods for a specific date. Delivered is a lift or a band from which the customers have to take their goods only and put in the car. All this is a matter of minutes.

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