Driving report honda cb 1000 r

Driving report honda cb 1000 r

For me, honda’s new edition of her bigbikes CB 1000 R is the most serious machine of its segment in 2018. Where the process in colorful clown colors covered with a striking duckface, the new edition fades with a secure line carrying, which quotes classics, without giving a designer in the retrosackgasse.

A clear line management always greater: escape. Honda is proud of the small number of plastic blends in the field of view, if I could not understand their payment method ("only six plastic parts in the field of view"to). Together with facilitation in the exhaust gas tract and on the frame, the motorcycle weighs now according to the manufacturer 8 kg less than earlier. Now the thing has to drive only clever.


As a motor base, honda reached for row four-cylinder from the fireblade from 2005 to 2007 (SC57). The prints on the paper 145 hp and in practice always enough for the vehicle weight, so you either indicate it upwards or ride a shift round. Instead of a linear performance curve, honda has deliberately constructed a minimally uneven power development (say) because uneven performance history. Although the engine can not stand nominally with the brutalo competitors BMW S 1000 R, aprilia tuono V4 1100 or KTM 1290 super duke, but bring a lot of own "WOOH-WOOH-WOOH!"-moments into the driver’s life.

At all, these 1000er differs principle of the next-gene powerbikes. The first and lasting impression of this machine was: human, is the oldschool! On the CB 1000 R you sits like on classic superbikes from whose ARA: very far back over the wheel, engine, tank, yes: most of the motorcycle in front of you, arms pulled forward to the wide handlebar. I remember this feel. So similarly sab I once on an already prepared honda CB 900 F bol d’or.

Stayin ‘honda

Especially these cannon ball ride ergonomics releases the CB clearly from the mentioned powernakeds. Where KTM or aprilia is fully on function that you make up with the latest technology, honda elects the way to sell modernity with a dash of old-fashioned roughness. Illsheese intention I did not quite pick up suzukis GSX-S 1000. The CB already. For this purpose, the slightly nonlinear torque course fits as well as the indenting behavior, which sometimes reprints on series tires depending on the closing position. And yet it stops a honda: the boring of this brand is just what makes you reliably home from the worst situations.

The speedometer was choked that it is not a TFT screen. For this you can read him at sunshine. You can personalize your optimal setting from the different settings, but that does not have to be because the default setting fits very well. Because of me, more manufacturers could cut off a slice of the BMW R ninet and simply offer a single setting that works optimally. I prefer as three middle-mab.

Honda still offers a plus version, which comes out of design details series-mabig with heating handles and a switchgautomato, which will turn up and down without clutch. Fahrroben both variants offer the same: a new edition of classic superbike virtues with current technology and design and thus a real alternative to high-tech powerbikes.

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