E-hdi of psa: start-stop system for diesel models

E-hdi of psa: start-stop system for diesel models

Paris, 11. June 2010 – with the introduction of the series-maby rub particle filter in 2000, the PSA group had brought the competition under zugzwang. A similar success hopes the bosses of the PSA group with the introduction of their start-stop system E-HDI.

Up to 15 percent less consumption in city traffic

The E-HDI system is first introduced to diesel engines. The turn on and off of the engine superses a starter generator developed by valeo. This should be the engine "especially vibration arm, quiet and fast" can be started again, so PSA. The starter generator is also used for the recovery of the braking energy. Together with rolling-resistant tires and a long translated transmission, consumption and CO2 emissions should decrease by up to 15 percent. This information refers to city traffic, where a motor is up to 30 percent, without the car moving.

A millions of vehicles planned with E-HDI until 2013

As the first models, from summer 2010, the citroen C5, the new C4 and the C4 picasso are delivered with E-HDI. A coarse part of the peugeot and citroen models with 1.4 HDI and 1.6 HDI with the system erupted. For peugeot, the 308 and the successor of peugeot 407 will be the first models. Group-wide, the course of 30 percent of the diesel variants should be E-HDI versions. By 2013, PSA wants to deliver around one million vehicles with E-HDI. Father should be the 2.0 HDI and also fuel gasoline with the fuel saving system. The reason why the technology is not immediately introduced at the ottomotors, lies according to peugeot spokesman gordian heindrich’s sales volume: the group wants to reduce the CO2 emissions of the fleet possible and therefore begins with the engines that are sold most.

From 2011: hybrid with diesel

2010 with the peugeot ion and citroen C zero come the first electric cars of the group. The following year the diesel hybrid peugeot 3008 hybrid4 and citroen DS5 hybrid4. For 2012, the french group plans new three-cylinder gasoline engines with 1.0 and 1.2 liters of displacement.

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