Egypt goes against hooligans

Funf members of a violent fubball fan club are intended to plan the fall of the state prosecision

The more agypal government is not only against the muslim brother forbidden one and a half years, but also against hooligans: vorhaben since the beginning of the week the resistant in cairo funf mutual members of the el-zamalek fanlubs ultras white knights (UWK) known for violence. Sayed a., seif K., mahmoud el-D., abdallah G. And anas T. The membership is accused in a terrorist association. The aim of the unification should not only have been the disruption of public security and order, but also the fall of the state-owned ABD al-fattah as-sisi.

On sunday, ultras white knights had rioted together with the ultra’s ultras ultras (who worship the fubball club al-ahly) together with the tahrir square. Also in the weeks before that it had always come to unauthorized turquencies that were dissolved by the police.

According to a UWK coarse, which is now distanced by the scene, the violence is based on these meetings from a new generation of young hooligans who no longer control from the ages. Some are all about "action" and experiences. Others derived from capital districts like matareya (in which the remote muslembruder prasident mursi had its strucgents) stylize in rim as a bloodtress of their relatives, which were detained in political disputes.

UWK self-presentation on youtube. Screenshot: telepolis.

If the FUF UWK-hooligan is actually planned the fall of the prasident, that should be remarkably, but in history not without any example: on the 27. In november 602, sports fans in the father in istanbul renamed byzanz, namely, actually a circumspice: they not only hit the emperor maurikios, but also his three sons. 70 years before, the nika uprising worn by these stadium parties almost wanted to fall to the emperor of justinian.

The byzantine stadium parties were in several ways a kind of spatantic equivalents to today’s fubball fan lubs: this faction each supported one of the different car racing rails, which differed with the colors grun, blue, red and woman – where the green and the blue were the two clearly more important teams. At times, the sewing acted as a solid bundling partner of the blue and the reds as the one of the grunes. And auf for the priority, the trail of the grunes and the blue, which had their priorities in different districts, refined that it came again and again to severe fragile disputes and massive destruction.

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