In tune with the times?

In tune with the times?

Cologne, 21. May 2014 – nissan has been making great sales with crossover models like the qashqai for years. The compact models almera or tiida, on the other hand, have not done well in recent years. Now the japanese are trying a hatchback that will be called pulsar. Nissan is famous for its bold design, generous space and technical innovations.

Painted in inconspicuous dark purple, the pulsar looks more arbitrary than courageous at first glance. The fact that it is a nissan can be seen from the V-optics – characterized by the chrome ball on the grill and the lines in the front hood – as well as from the muscular side sections. For the interior, nissan promises high-quality materials and a clear design, combined with generous equipment.

Longest wheelbase in the segment

With a length of 4.39 meters, the pulsar is in the epicenter of the golf class: the chevrolet cruze is one of the toughest competitors at 4.51 meters, and the seat leon is the shortest with 4.23 meters. With a wheelbase of 2.70 meters, the pulsar is one of the compact giants – on par with the toyota prius, the mazda 3 and the mercedes A-class. On the one hand, this helps improve driving comfort; on the other hand, the space between the wheel arches should benefit the occupants, and nissan is convinced that no other compact car offers more shoulder and legroom. According to the manufacturer, the pulsar is even better than many mid-range models when it comes to knee room in the rear. Nissan has not yet made any details about the trunk. However, it could also be smaller due to the shorter side cavities due to the wheel arches being set far back.

Plenty of assistance

The assistance systems, as they are collectively named in the new X-trail "nissan safety shield" run, should also be offered in the pulsar. These include elements that are not yet taken for granted in the compact class, such as an emergency brake assistant, detection of moving objects in the vicinity of the car and a blind spot assistant. The new generation of nissan connect is also on board. The navigation and infotainment system integrates the smartphone and provides access to the send-to-car function of google maps and various apps. Also known from the X-trail are the optional LED headlights. The distinctive lights should consume 50 percent less energy than conventional headlights.

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