It association bitkom warns about brexit chaos

IT association Bitkom warns about Brexit chaos

Still is negotiated between brussel and london, but the time for an agreement is becoming increasingly scarcer and a hard brexit is more likely. When at 31. December the transition phase ends, which still applies to EU law for the great britain, this also concerns traffic between the EU and the united kingdom.

Data protection law has been classified as a third country without a brexit contract, so personal data no longer transferred from the EU to UK can be transferred. However, according to BITKOM, the united kingdom – historically grown – an important location for the processing of data, among other things, in the areas of logistics, customer relationships and mobility.

Well maintained data exchange

Most german and european coarse companies, but also many medium-standers and startups have been sharing data with sites on the island, emphasizes the association. The BITKOM therefore requires the EU commission to make a so-called adequate decision in order to maintain data traffic.

Accelerator to examine the data protection level in the united kingdom and to confirm the compatibility with the european data protection law. This adequate decision can not be the political negotiation games for the brexit process. Without them, a data jam whose effects "much gross than the truck snakes on the border" was.

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