Monitoring: grafana 8.0 is alarming informative

Monitoring: Grafana 8.0 is alarming informative

As part of the grafanaconline, grafana labs published a new major release of its visualization and monitoring tools. Grafana 8.0 waits with a number of innovations, including a comprehensive transformed alerting system, advanced visualization options, multiple usable library panels as well as detailed configurable access control. That in version 7.4 first of all as preview streaming in real time offers additional functions for iot and IIOT application trap after the current update.

More information and more control

What started in the style of prometheus interface for alarm messages in grafana cloud stands, users and users of grafana 8.0 now with the new alerting system in full available. Thus, the grafana team is coming from the community. Alarm messages from prometheus and grafana can now be viewed and edited via a shared interface, so that overlooking alerting rules can also be managed for all data sources – including the monitoring tool cortex and the logging tool loki. In addition, a new comprehensive API is ready. Alarm messages are now decoupled from the dashboards, and grafana users can use multi-dimensional alarms and set up notification guidelines for managing coarse quantities of messages.

Monitoring: Grafana 8.0 is alarming informative

The new alerting system offers more options for notification rules.

Extended visualization options should help to make different panels more informative. In the state timeline panel, for example, is the time history of strings and booleans, and about the new value mapping function, it is possible to assign individual values to individual values. For presenting data that is not available as time series, a new bar chart panel is available, and also for histograms, which were previously accessible via the graph panel, grafana offers 8.0 now a separate display. In addition, library panels can now be used over several dashboards. An update of the underlying information is done automatically in all dashboards.

Real-time applications in iot and IIOT

Real-time streaming is a complete integrated standard function in the new major major release. The grafana team had first in version 7.4 the skills around streaming in real time introduced to open new applications in the iot environment and, in particular, industrial internet of things (IIOT),. Over websocket connections with the MQTT data sources or over streams of CURL or telegraf, live updates can now be sent to the dashboards. Alternatively, events can also be passed through a post of metrics to the new live endpoint / API / LIV / PUSH endpoint to the dashboard. An impression of the new possibilities conveys the following video.

A summary overview of all important amendments in the new major version – including more comfortable logging and advanced features for tracing – offers grafana developer korkel odegaard in its blog post. Cleaner details and a complete overview can be found in the release notes. If you want to familiarize yourself with the new version of the tool, the freely accessible grafana play dashboard.

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