Nato wants to fix trump on antirussian course

NATO wants to fix Trump on antirussian course

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After the prepared qualification, the consequences of trumps of anxiety accompanied meeting with putin in favor of transatlantic unity should be minimized

Allegedly, the prepared final recognition for the NATO summit of the suddeutsche zeitung starting today is available. Thereafter, NATO members want to conform to the continuing commander of US prasident trump and implement the increase in rusts decided in 2014 to 2 percent from GDP. But trump should probably be kept in the transatlantic railways.

Anxiety is about the NATO summit that threatens the defense, which became more and more about the intervention firm, the split mushroom threatens from the inside. Since 2002, when the US had decided to build the missile defense shield at the borders to russia, NATO boosted the conflict with russia. Once again significantly pushed on the conflict of the governance in ukraine and, as a result, the threshing of the crimea with a controversial folk decision by russia, as well as the support of the separatists in the eastern ukraine, in which kiev was pulled into an anti-terror war, as it was first anti- kiev protests was style of the maidan movement.

Against the common enemy and with the support of ukraine, the transatlantic unit itself could be maintained over the brexit and the turkish actions. But not the turkey should be dangerous to NATO, which also wants to see as a value community, but the USA among donald trump. Not only does it call that all NATO states have to spend more money for the militar and succeed in helping to raise the militar budget by 10 percent.

NATO general secretar stoltenberg is zealous to ensure that NATO is on the goodway in the increase in military expenses. Billions were invested in weapons, also one was more involved in operations and missions. Stoltenberg kuhrite also amed that with the eastward enlargement by the reception of macedonia will continue. Otherwise, trump is mainly with germany in the enclosure, which not only spent too little for the militar, but also with his commercial yield the US yield.

And then there is also his old intention already from the election campaign to build better relations with russia. Trump was clearly made that he treasures putin as a politician. Since trump’s election victory and then since its expenditure has been trying in the US with all the power to keep the prasident in strict antirussian course, which his transaction had given obama. Thus, trump’s election victory should also have been effected by russian help with a disinformation campaign and hacks, his campaign team accused with the russian government, which special investigators followed.

After trump’s apparent success with the summit with the north korean dictator kim jong-un, he now tries to achieve a breakthrough with russia. To horror all transatlantic who is absolutely at the "russian aggression" keep up. Uncertain is whether trump holds on the sanctions and what the crimea wants to do with the kremlin for a better ratio with the kremlin. Therefore, it is not surprising that NATO explanation wants to cement the antirous attitude, although further in the woman’s house mood against moscow is made.

NATO wants to fix Trump on antirussian course

Image: NATO

"We annoy the illegal and illegitimate annexation of the crimea by russia, which we do not acknowledge and do not recognize", is in the document available to the SZ, which should be decided today. Let it see it, daniel brossler wants to see from the SZ, "no backpires open for a turn in the russian policy – as long as russia does not otherwise ask his politics". The further reusing of NATO on the russian border should also be used for the existing troops such as the spearhead with the plan, within 30 days in an emergency 30 battalions, 30 air force ribbons and 30 warships to be ready for use.

Russia, that’s clear, will not change its politics, which is concerned with the crimea. Presumably, it would be ready to talk about the future of eastern ukraine, and russia was also allowed to negotiate in syria if it can maintain its interests, which is currently still associated with assad. However, russia is also interesting for trump to better recipple china with which the US prasident has already entered into an open trading war.

With a look at china, europe and the nearby east lose, especially since the US itself became an exporter of gas and OL, from the american view of importance. If trump russia was approached, the relevance between the european NATO countries were. So far, the eastern european and baltic countries rely on the US in the conflict with russia and thus against the "old" EU countries who rather put on a mobilized course. And the US could "new europe" against the "old" play to enforce your own interests.

Probably not much happens on the NATO summit, more important is the encounter of trump with putin in helsinki. This could become a prelude to a profound change in transatlantic compounds. And if the fear of russian aggression decreases, the militar expenses maybe not primar, the trump probably slowly monitors to come to new economic outcomes that the US strong.

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