Privacy: first bub money procedure for open corona contact lists

Privacy: First Bub money procedure for open corona contact lists

For about three months, operators of restaurants, cafes and other commercial enterprises in hamburg have to capture contact information of their guests due to the applicable corona provisions. The regulation requires that unauthorized third parties can not be aware of the data. Even after a first exhortation, not all the innkeepers take note of the specifications, so they must now expect sanctions.

Many complaints

The hamburg data protection officer johannes caspar can reach according to own information "almost daily" complaints of burgern about restaurants with open, freely accessible contact lists. Partly will also be reported by the misuse of telephone numbers for flirt news or similar private purposes. The supervisory authority therefore conducted samples in june in 100 commercial and guest institutions to control whether the data is properly raised and the conditions for protecting the privacy of those concerned are complied with. They found in one third of the case inadmissible open lists.

For post-inspections, the controllers now determined, "fortunately, the fact that the most widespread number of guest instants followed the clues to the legal situation and has successfully changed practice", caspar showed relieved on friday. In four restaurants, however, despite the preceding awareness campaign, the same displeasure had herred. Therefore, bub money procedures were initiated against the companies concerned.

Financial penalty possible

The DSGVO allows the supervisor to assess in severe violations of up to four percent of revenue. Caspar appealed to all obliged to treat contact information confidentially and to comply with the rules for the protection of customers. That should be in the interest of all responsible jobs. You have already provided a question-response list as well as detailed information material including a sample form.

A team of brandenburg data protection officers dagmar HARTGE had also carried out on-site checks and found that far over half of the half of 54 cafes and restaurants were raised too many data categories and did not hesitate to go to the loschfristen. The authority still asks if in a few fall "with serious violation" one "formal warning" or other measures are necessary.

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