Ride impression mercedes amg a45 s

Not even the rallyautos in the WRC had such a lot of performance as the new mercedes AMG A45 S 4matic. The fressed compact addiction with torque vectoring quite successful connection to a transverse dynamics as in cars with primary standard drive. A first test drive.

Not that the AMG A-class has so far a significant performance deficit had been certified. In addition, it may be discontinued if a car of compact class 421 hp needed. But an impressive experience is definitely to move this car once.

When the first generation of the AMG-A-class in march 2013 was at the geneva automotive salon, their 360 hp were a two liter of large four-cylinder, combined with four-wheel drive and dual-clutch transmission, not only in the german premium compact class. On the A45 AMG (test), the hitherto unmatched muhelos appeared driving dynamics despite the primary front drive due to the transversely built-in engine was.

Removal on the front drive

Six years later, his successor is still a one. The two liters of coarse four-cylinder with turbocharger was greatly handled and is now obligatory to eight-speed double-clutch transmissions and the variable four-wheel drive tied. A newly constructed rear axle differential should now distribute the engine power even faster and more effective than before between the two hindrades. Duch the possible pebbles of the rear axle is intended to achieve a characteristic close to an all-wheeller with primary standard drive, such as a mercedes C43 AMG (test) and a further improved handling.

The power of all A-class models is with 421 hp (310 kw) and 500 nm maximum torque nothing for weak white. Backup does not work with its spoiler acoustic, the thick wheel house baking, 19-inched and two double-runny tailpipes with 90 millimeters in diameter. A subtle appearance looks different, which comes a slightly to wilder sound: spat at the latest on equally hazardous landstream or motorway stages, the sonorous humming itself with unable sports mode (of which there are several gives several) a bit annoying, it tons all too prasent.

On the fact that the lanes with the funfturer from affalterbach is still gross than the process, the engine has a significant share. However, the difference to the A45 is low compared to progress during the drive. We even claim that the difference to the A45 with 387 hp (285 kw) is more a prestigious thing than a decisive character difference. Very impressively improves the new rear axle transmission with separate lamella clutches, because it shifts the wheel torque to the wheel torque in kuven variable between left and right. The indent fits so almost intuitively and remains predictable for the driver at any time.

Incomprehensible weight

In this case, the almost incomprehensible 1.6 tons of heavy energy budget is to be noted for its design-related front drive characteristics: it takes a tiny moment, depending on the driving mode, tempo and curve radius until the force has distributed backwards. In addition, the steering due to the front drive is strongly ramped than in a van with classic standard drive. That the A45 S is no lightweight in addition to a lacewet, another thing is rather little on the lanquet.

The chassis benefits from the once again improved stiffness of individual components especially in his precision. Relentlessly, the well-dosing brakes work and show on the landstrabe also no escalation phenomena. For all long and transverse accelerations, the preserved michelin pilot sports on 19-inch rims surely transfer the moments. The qualities of the sports seats show themselves with the possible, high cam speeds – they are excellent like those in the process.

The price for the mercedes AMG A45 is not fixed yet; however, it was worth noting about that of the AMG A35, which is just below 50.000 euro starts. The 421 hp top model was allowed to quickly the 60.Exceed 000 euro brand.

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