Secure video conferencing: new security features for bluejeans

Secure video conferencing: new security features for Bluejeans

FUF new security features add bluejeans to his cloud application for video conferencing. On the one hand, talking with a one-time password, the invited participant received by e-mail or over your account at the provider. This also works for guests – but is a purely company-internal meeting, it will take you to a specific group like a department of the company.

In addition, each conference gets a waiting room. From him the moderator can allow or reject user. If all the desired participants are present, a conversation can be locked with a click – from now no more people can hurrow. The organizer can specify beyond who can share his screen. New is also the in-transit closure of all contents with the AES-256 standard.

Further innovations for users

In addition to these security features, bluejeans also expanded the meetings themselves: users can use responses – for example, writing, clapping or consent -. Also, the conference can be placed as a solid floating window over another active application.

Furthermore, the software now offers virtual background or can make the environment of the user unrecognizable. Users can upload their own pictures or access a selection of shutterstock. As an enlargement, the smart meetings transcription will be added, with it will be able to find employees after a meeting faster according to the protocol added content added content.

Details on the new features can be found on bluejeans.Com. Bluejeans has been offering video conferencing since 2009. Since may 2020, the california provider of the US telecommunications company verizon.

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