Sony g master lenses: first pictures with fe 24-70mm f2.8 and fe 85mm f1.4

Three new lenses are still to expand the objective offer for the mirror-free full format cameras of the sony A7 series in the springtime. This time, no zeiss logo is praising this time, but a coarse G for "gmaster". Sony wants to establish a new brand in its own objective circus, which should be particularly high-quality optics: focus is dissolution and bokeh.

The first three models of the new series serve focal lengths already available for the A7 system with e-mount: at fe 85 mmf1.4 GM (2000 euros) is a classic potato lens. It is reversible again than the already relevant zeiss batis 1.8/85. With the fe 24-70 mm F2.8 GM (2400 euros) sony also takes a bright alternative to fe 24-70mm F4.0 in the program. Both optics should already come to the market in marz. Father is expected to be the FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM (price is not fixed yet) as a light-carbon telezoom.

We have already been able to make first pictures with the portrate festival and the standard zoom. The photos can be seen in our picture routes.

Sony fe 85 mm F1.4 GM: stock illustration

Sony G Master Lenses: First Images with Fe 24-70mm F2.8 and Fe 85mm F1.4

sony A7R II with FE 85 mm F1.4 GM at F / 1.4, 1/800 S, ISO 400 image 1 of 18

Sony fe 24-70mm F2.8 GM: stock image

Sony G Master Lenses: First Images with Fe 24-70mm F2.8 and Fe 85mm F1.4

sony A7R II with fe 24-70 mm F2.8 GM at F / 2.8, 1/80 S, ISO 400

Compact was not allowed to call themselves both optics. They wore neatly at our test camera sony A7R II and made a very high quality impression. The autofocus of the standard zoom works very fast and quiet. The 85, on the other hand, gave himself perceptible to the automatic focus and did not work so quickly. Suddenly the diaphragm ring, which one can operate with screening or infinitely. Also, the manual focus fell to both objectives pleasantly directly.

Sony brings confounding full format market

On an event to the new G master lenses, how serious it was sony with the mirrorless system cameras in the full format market: with the three new ones, the offer for the A7 cameras is increasing to 16 lenses – there is the system only since 2013. If you can believe sony, the manufacturer was allowed to call themselves in germany at least in germany in november and december 2015 with about 34 percent – a hinted awardprint – market operator at the full format cameras. A prestige gain where the A7 series was allowed to have a very coarse share.

Sony G Master Lenses: First Images with Fe 24-70mm F2.8 and Fe 85mm F1.4

The fe 24-70 mm F2.8 GM should come on the market in marz and then cost almost 2400 euros.

This continues nikon and canon under prere. So far they dominate this segment – without fundamental strategy. With D5 and EOS-1D X mark II, you have just presented your new full-format peak models: rough, fast mirror reflex tools that have so far the mirror-free competition has hardly afraid. However, this is different from the professionally used models of nikon D8XX-he as well as the canon 5D series. Here, with the sony A7R II and its 42 megapixel sensor, there is a direct, innovative mirroring opponent who could record more than just consideration for itself.

Sony G Master Lenses: First Images with Fe 24-70mm F2.8 and Fe 85mm F1.4

Light-level kuegl: the fe 85 mm F1.4 is the new portrate lens of the A7 system mirrorless system cameras. Zeiss covers this focal length with the BATIS 1.8/85 already for the system. Sony calls for his 85s 2000 euros, the BATIS is available for about 1200 euros.

In addition, the two coarse with your offer mirrorless system cameras make up open flanks overall. The canon EOS M-system came spat, was then too slow and still suffers from lens and visibility. The nikon 1 system with the smaller type 1-inch sensor could never be right in the market. Currently it does not look like canon and nikon can quickly make and want to make.

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