Too young for rock ‘n’ roll

Young rebels have a hard time in the current generation. What should they shock their parents with? Punk? Gahn. The parents did it themselves, just like most of the other things that are celebrated in pop culture as youthful rebellion. Promiscuous sex life, dangerous silliness, psychoactive substances, motorcycling, these are all old people’s activities. When a fussy child comes into the kitchen today, dressed only in a gauze sack and a few safety pins, to announce that he or she is getting out of the window system and will be begging in front of the department store starting this afternoon, trances of dread gather in the eyes of parents. The child point. How we used to. But did everything right!

Kraftklub has summarized the problem circle in "too young (to rock ‘n’ roll)":

Our parents smoke weed more than we do, how to rebel? No matter where we go, our parents were here before us. We were born in the wrong decade, and we’re sitting by the fire, listening to what the old folks are saying.

Answers from the little asshole

What do you do when you’re young?? As is so often the case with important life ies, walter moers’ "schoner life with the little asshole" provides the answers, specifically on page 45 under "schooner pimping". Since there is seldom anything fundamentally new in the world, he recommends turning back to old youth cultures, from which a new one is created by mashup. For example the "hitlis", the "the deadly chic mixture of hitler youth and peace movement". It’s true: how could you shock your parents, former punks, better than by becoming a neo-nazi yourself?? What (great)grandpa did back then is becoming trendy again. The russian is now finally the bose again.

"We want to demonstrate", say for example the children at school, "in the playground. Against the jews." waswaswas? Against the what?! Need a few slaps in the face? Maybe these kids were asleep in history class. But maybe they were particularly awake and realized: at this point, we can be so blatant against the parents that they want to lash out. The same recipe works in the area of personal mobility.

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