Virtualizer parallels comes as a beta on arm macs

Virtualizer Parallels comes as a beta on arm Macs

For macs with apple silicon, a first commercial virtualization software has been published: parallels offers interested users a technical preview of parallels desktop 16 to the test and thus allows the use of virtual machines to the new arm macs. This will also make it possible to operate windows 10 in a virtual machine – but only in the arm export, which offers microsoft over its insider program for download.

Several restrictions, partly lasting

Parallels new virtualization engine has several restrictions on how the manufacturer informed against beta testers. Some are to be closed as part of the further development, but others are on "fundamental technical restrictions just related to the intel X86 platform" influence. For this purpose, it was possible that it is in parallels on macs with apple silicon impamentially, X86-based operating systems in a virtual machine – for virtualization is a windows-based operating system for the ARM architecture as image (VHDX or ISO) required. Also arm32 apps do not work, notes parallels.

Currently, it is not possible to accept virtual machines and continue later, users have to shut down these. That was allowed to obey the restrictions that are resolved in the further course. Interested users can "parallels desktop 16 for M1 mac technical preview" refer to the manufacturer’s website.

Windows 10 for arm as a virtual machine

As testers report, windows for arm already use as a virtual machine, parallels also support directx 11. By X64 emulation, the ARM version of windows now allows the use of programs developed for pcs with intel processors – such as the development environment visual studio.

According to apple, it is also conceivable that windows is natively on arm macs: the hardware was possible to do so, an apple manager yelled and at the same time referred to the software group – a corresponding support for macs with "apple silicon" lounger "really in microsoft’s hand". With boot camp, apple has long been offering its own drivers to run windows on intel macs.

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