Accident researcher demands general tempo 80 in avenue

The accident researcher siegfried brockmann has pronounced himself for a general pace 80 in avenues. This should be regarded independently whether protective planks are installed or not, brockmann said on thursday at a specialist conference of the regional road mecklenburg-vorpommern in rostock. "Also a protective plank is an obstacle."

For existing gravities in avenues, for example due to curvy route, should even be arranged tempo 70. Brockmann is boss of accident research at the overall association of insurers based in berlin. In mecklenburg-vorpommern saumen birches, oaks, linden, horse chestnuts, booking and maple nearly 4400 kilometers of the country.

In 2017, in the northeast, 26 road users died after collisions with strain trees, this was 55 percent of all on land totenes, as brockmann exported. "That’s the worst value throughout germany."In his view, no state government can be made with it. In addition to the speed limit to the necessary program protection planks, which prevent the cars from bounce against tree. At the same time, MUSSE ensure that where there are no busts, there are no new platters.

Although this was meant that at an average age of 120 years, artificial lands with alleviews slowly disappear. But there are good chances of creating avenues where there are no cars. Cycling and economic trails that are guided over the country and often connect several federal standards, could be developed very much to avenues. "Since the alleegra was fulfilled its original purpose: protect against rain and sun," said brockmann.

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