Adac presents breakdown statistics for 2007

Adac presents breakdown statistics for 2007

Munich, 16. April 2008 – for the third year in a row, the majority of the most reliable car types come from german manufacturers: they account for six of the eight class winners in the breakdown statistics for 2007, which ADAC presented today. Mitsubishi is the only foreign company to produce class winners, namely the colt in the "small class" and the space star ("small vans"). Mitsubishi has thus been able to regain some of the "lost ground of the japanese" in the breakdown statistics, according to the ADAC. BMW, audi and mercedes each have two best-in-class cars. The BMW 1-series leads the "lower middle class", the X3 is the most reliable "off-road vehicle", and audi’s A4 and A6 are on the winner’s podium. Mercedes, on the other hand, won the "sports car class" with the SLK and shares first place in the "middle class" with the audi A4. The VW sharan completes the list of winners in the "rough vans" class.

Problem children

Drivers of the mercedes viano and vito vans suffered the most breakdowns: in 2002, 93.5 breakdowns occurred per 1000 registered vehicles of this type and year. The 2003 vintage is similarly bad, with a ratio of 81.2:1000. In the mid-range, the renault laguna (model year 2002: 76.3:1000; 2003: 55.1:1000; 2004: 41.5:1000) is plagued by the early onset of age-related complaints. In the lower mid-range, its corporate brother megane (year of manufacture 2002: 67.4:1000; 2003: 50.0:1000) and the fiat stilo (2002: 62.9:1000; 2003 50.1:1000) stand out negatively. Further statistical details can be found in our picture gallery.

Electrics as the most frequent cause of breakdowns

The most common reason for car breakdowns is usually a defect in the battery or in the electrical system. Four out of ten breakdowns are caused here. In second place is damage to the ignition system (12.7 percent). In 7.8 percent of cases, actual engine defects end the journey prematurely. This is a slight decrease compared to the previous year (-0.1 percentage points). On the other hand, accidents with wheels and tires increased by 7.1 percent (+0.4 percentage points). In the ranking of causes of breakdowns, injection systems (6.8 percent), cooling.

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