Amd ryzen 4000g starts: eight cpu cores and rink vega-gpu for desktop pcs

AMD Ryzen 4000g starts: Eight CPU cores and rink Vega-GPU for desktop PCs

AMD brings the ZEN-2 combination processors installed in notebooks with code name renoir in desktop pcs. The ryzen 4000G models also appear with up to eight CPU cores and a VEGA graphics unit that uses 512 shader cores in full expansion. Chip post-ready TSMC manufactures the combined processors with 7 nanometer structures. They fit in motherboards with the CPU catch AM4, for example with B550 chipset.

The ryzen 7 4700g (8 cores, 512 shaders), ryzen 5 4600g (6 cores, 448 shaders) and ryzen 3 4300g (4 cores, 384 shaders) reach the highest clock frequencies at a thermal design power (TDP) of 65 watts the 4000g family. The top model for example has a maximum CPU boost of 4.4 ghz and can accelerate its GPU to 2100 mhz – compared to other graphics units and chips a high stroke. The GE versions fall due to a restriction on 35 watts (TDP) up to 500 mhz slower.

Of all six combi processors, the chip manufacturer also creates pro versions with a complete RAM capture ("memory guard"), extended (availability) warranty and support for "classic" remote maintenance. Non-pro models can be remotely available on the endpoint manager of microsoft 365 (fruher office 365). The basic specifications are identical so that the ryzen 7 per 4750g corresponds, for example, to the ryzen 7 4700g and the ryzen 5 per 4650g of the ryzen 5 4600g.

Specifications ryzen 4000g
model core / threads base cycle / max. Boost L3 cache graphic TDP
ryzen 7 4700g 8/16 3.6 / 4.4 ghz 8 MB vega 8, 2100 mhz 65 W
ryzen 7 4700GE 8/16 3.1 / 4.3 ghz 8 MB vega 8, 2000 mhz 35 W
ryzen 5 4600g 6/12 3.7 / 4.2 ghz 8 MB vega 7, 1900 mhz 65 W
ryzen 5 4600ge 6/12 3.3 / 4.2 ghz 8 MB vega 7, 1900 mhz 35 W
ryzen 3 4300g 4/8 3.8 / 4.0 ghz 4 mbyte vega 6, 1700 mhz 65 W
ryzen 3 4300ge 4/8 3.5 / 4.0 ghz 4 mbyte vega 6, 1700 mhz 35W

First of all for finished pcs

The score has a sentence: the combined processors appear for the time being for complete pcs for the time being. In the trade, they are sold separated at best as tray versions without boxed cooler and manufacturer’s warranty. According to AMD, the market for complete pcs is four to five times as coarse as that for self-builder – apparently the chip manufacturer can not currently produce enough combination processors to operate all pages.

In the pre-briefing, AMDS senior technical marketing manager robert hallock emphasized that new combi processors will appear for retail trade, blob father.

Monolithic instead of several chips

Unlike the previous ryzen 3000 cpus with ZEN-2 cores, but without a graphic unit, the ryzen 4000G combination processors consist of a single silicon chip and not several. That tends the signal paths to the RAM and between the two square clusters (CPU complex, CCX). At the same time, AMD reduces the level 3-cache important in 3D plays from 16 to 4 MB of CCX. The ryzen 7 4700g, for example, only 8 MB of L3 buffer, the sister model ryzen 7 3700x, on the other hand, 32 mbyte.

A disadvantage of having to accept users compared to ryzen-3000 cpus: the renoir chip and thus also ryzen 4000g control only PCI express 3.0. Artistic graphics cards and M.2-ssds can not be found with faster pcie 4.Operate. The manufacturer’s manuals of B550 motherboards indicate that the ryzen-4000g combination processors, however, eight pcie-3.0-lanes have more than the ryzen-3000G procedure, so that a graphics card 16 instead of 8 available hours. A confirmation of AMD stands out.

Manufacturer benchmarks

How the monolithic structure and cache affect the performance remains to be seen. AMD has made no test patterns in advance and has not yet called any concrete systems of partners with ryzen 4000g.

AMD compares the ryzen-4000G combination processors in their own benchmarks only with the process series ryzen 3000g and intel’s core I-9000 to the core i7-9700. The latter series does not use hyper-threading unlike core I-10000, so the results are only partially comparable. The CPU power was allowed to rise significantly with the jump of zen + on zen 2. In the graphics unit, the difference is likely to be moderate: the power per compute unit (consisting of 64 shader cores) rises by the high clock frequency, but AMD installed less (8 instead of 11 in full build).

AMD benchmarks to ryzen 4000g

AMD Ryzen 4000g starts: Eight CPU cores and rink Vega-GPU for desktop PCs

the CPU performance of the ryzen 4000 combi processors can be seen. In the multithreading test of the rendering benchmark cinebench R20, however, the core i7-9700 is missing the hyper-threading of the successor core I7-10700. The 3D benchmark time spy is also only partly fair, since hardly a player was allowed to run a core i7 graphics card.

New athlons

Auber the ryzen 4000G AMD also introduces new beginner processors of the athlon class. The athlon gold 3150g (4 cores, 4 threads) ames the place of the ryzen 5 3200g; the athlon silver 3050G (2 cores, 4 threads) is positioned above the previous athlon 3000G. Both accused of ZEN + generation with 12-NM technology from globalfoundries.

Amd ryzen 4000g starts: eight cpu cores and nimble vega-gpu for desktop personal computers

Specifications of the new athlon combi processors. You put on zen + instead of zen 2.

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