Argentina prepares for war around the water

The new military doctrine of the crowd is from a possible war for the natural resources

Gladly is spoken by potential wars around the water that threatened in the future. The scene is usually called the near or middle east. But a war around the water was also able to break out in the water-rich sudamerica, in which one of the world’s largest natural subassemblies is. The militars fired in argentina and prepare for an armed conflict around the "natural ressources" before. In the war water, they see the main danger for the country for the future, which is why the crowds are focused on a new military doktrin that falls in a guerrilla war against a supposed invasor.

Already in 1985, the former UN general secretar boutros boutros ghali spoke of the possibility that wares soon could be carried around water. For some years, the question always appears ooper. Concrete preparations for this are now made in a region, which was hardly expected because of its rough subwater reserves. Since 2005, the rough argentine daily clarin asks if a foreign power could make the water reserves martially the country.

This is meant the natural underground reservoir guarani (acuifero guarani. It is considered a third-groated underground water reservoir worldwide, which is a flat of 1.200.000 square kilometers takes up and thus coarse is together as france, spain and portugal. Scated is that there the unimaginable amount of 55.000 cubic kilometer water is stored. A cubic kilometer are one billion cubic meters. 70% of them belonged to brazil, 19% to argentina, 6% to paraguay and 5% to uruguay. However, the expansion of the entire area is not yet fully examined. Above all, it could extend to argentina west until far into the province of cordoba and is still known in the australia than before.

When argentina received a new defense minister at the end of 2005 with nilda garge, a new defense doktrin was worked out. Daniel gallo, specialist for militar policy, reported in the daily newspaper la nation under the title the dispute prepared for the defense of natural resources. Gallo reported the new doctrine had the title: "war around the resources".

This new doctrine whose existence was not denied by official site analyzes the potential threats for argentina until 2025. Is explained: "the possibility for a conflict between states because of the possession of natural resources is very likely." however, the militars do not think of no olfaces, but as a potential war base highlights the water reservoir guarani. He wrote the most likely probability that argentina is involved in a military conflict: "this will be the type of conflict we can be exposed", quotes the newspaper a name not named general. He also explained that this time is a separate concept and "not a copy of a doctrine of another country like earlier".

This is how the reorganization of the crowd is now. The report gives the laying of troops a sense, of which for some time the local radio FM curuzú reports. Officially confirmed that the 2. Armecorps is located in rosario, in the central region in the east of the country, to curuzú cuatia moved to the province of corrientes in the north. The laying of two other units, which are hitherto been stationed in the nearby capital buenos aires and cordoba. You should come to comodoro rivadavia and san luis. Your task is also to build a civil defense with the involvement of reservists.

This has to do with the fact that the militars go out of an opponent’s attack, which is stronger, with better technology, more troops has been available and has a high firepower. There had to be created structures, "to defend the nation against a conventionally stronger enemy". The militars in argentina thus relate to the experiences of the USA in iraq and vietnam into their planning.

For defense, the remedy of a guerrilla war is also collapsed to defeat a supposed invasor in an extensive, difficult to control area. "Dynamic operations, without front lines" had to be carried out with small units. They should be able to organize the necessary resources locally. "It will be necessary to predict all aspects of coordination and integration between the quarrels and local population in peace times in order to resist the enemy with high efficiency."

Strategy for self-preservation of the militar?

That the invasor about the US, with its enormous thirst could act on water and other resources, is indicated. The mexican gian carlo delgado is also quoted in the water ie in argentina. He has in the book "water and national security" (agua Y seguridad nacional) extensive with the question of the example of the US and mexico. But he also points to the global significance of the water ie and analyzes them in the context of the privatization of the water trading. The argentine militars do not express a multinational company as a possible aggressor, as the importance of water as a commodity on the world market growth. The business magazine fortune wrote in may 2000, "water becomes for the 21. Century, what porroy for the 20. Century was."

However, in argentina, it is also discussed about whether behind the new militaryoktrin does not hide a strategy with which the militars want their existence. About the question of whether the land needs the militar at all, is discussed for a long time. In an editorial la nation made his opinion in his title on monday: the absurd conflict hypothesis. It is my part of it, whether behind the swivel does not hide a response that members of the government kirchner "take a clear antimilitarist attitude", write the newspaper. The bloody military indexer has taken care of anyway that in the country is doubted at the legitimity of the militar. Under the first democratically chosen government after the military indaque, argentina had 1983 still 53 generals, 6.500 officers, 26.000 unofficators and 45.000 simple soldiers. Today it is still 32 generals, 4.500 officers, 17.000 unofficates, the 16.000 soldiers commanded and the general compulsory military service was abolished in which the decreasing meaning of the militar manifests itself.

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