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Who wants to write, but must pay

Who publishes a book, that does not usually do that for free. Maybe the publisher pays him a previously fixed fee or the author is involved in the turnover of the book. Now, however, a publisher turns the spoon. Who wants to write with him, who does not need a talent, but must pay for it. More specifically: he has to bid one or more pages of the planned book before in the internet auction house ebay. And that can be very expensive: already three days before auction connection is the highest offer for example for the page 32 at 110 euros.

Nevertheless, demand seems to be roughly. 12 pages have been auctioned either. And must now have to be filled by the auction winnings with text. But so that none of the auctioned literary freedom with total nonsense full, the responsible "count of wurmbrand-stuppach verlag" called a precise specification. The planned book, which is to come regularly in the trade in 2006, contributes the title story of life, and accordingly, the authors should write down their personal stories of their life. Because – this note was of course not missing in the press declaration of the publisher – the life is known to write the best story.

Unfortunately, blob is not written by life, but of all normal people who tend to a penchant for literary or literary self-alignment. Whether this will find later builders and reader, may at least be doubted at a committed book price of 24.50 euros. But it does not matter to the publisher, his authors have already paid the book from their own pocket before.

There is a say that there is no creative business ideas with us anymore. Just as creative was some time ago the idea of auctioning on ebay roles in feature films. While the went away as the proof of warm rolls, but of the allegedly planned film projects, you have not lated much afterwards.

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