Baden-wurttemberg plans fast straws for cyclists

To delight more people for cycling, the country baden-wurttemberg examines the construction of fast strap for two-riders. "Today it is by no means a rarity to drive 10 to 15 kilometers to work with the bike. Of course, the infrastructure must be correct, "said the" bicycle manager "in the regional traffic ministry baden-wurttemberg, volkhard malik, on wednesday in karlsruhe. There, nearly 180 representatives of german municipalities met in order to exchange views on the concept of cycling. Fast straws, which do with a few gradients and traffic lights, is especially available in the netherlands.

According to malik, the share of cycling in baden wurttemberg by 2015 will be increased from now 8 to 16 percent. In 2020, a share of 20 percent would be sought. A basis for dafur offers a new law, which will be allowed from 2011 the financial requirement of domestic bike paths. "This was not possible so far," said malik. The country was only able to support the construction of cycle paths in parallel with state or federal hubs. For example, about 20 million euros were provided for this purpose.

In order to expand the cycling, the municipalities had to say goodbye by an old regulation, said the radexperte of the city of karlsruhe, michael obert: "fruher was disconnected from the motorized traffic from the non-motorized. Thus, fubganger and cyclists had to share the burger."That has always made problems. The cyclists are now so fast on the road that they belonged to the strain. In the best case strips could be reserved for you. In karlsruhe there are already two special cycles.

For martin haag, professor for transportation at the technical university of kaiserslautern, the bicycle traffic is now indispensable from many bads. "Ten years ago we were still mocked as a sectarian."He said a further increase in cycling, even because the bike will be continuously developed. "With the electric additional motor, for example, high speeds are achieved."The municipalities should react with special paths.

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