Bentley continental flying trail: special models for the middle east

Bentley continental flying trail: special models for the middle east

Crewe (england), 11. August 2010 – around 10 percent of worldwide bentley sells are now in the middle east. Now the traditional brand bentley concerning the VW group has launched two special models, which are exclusively intended for OL states.

Limited luxury

Overall, it will only be 50 continental "flying trail arabia" or its performance-enhanced variant "flying speed speed arabia" give. Optical accents are a touch of more chrome and the other special "arabia"-SIGNETS on the feces, the doorsticks and the ashtray. Add to that newly designed alloy wheels with 14 spokes at the flying trail arabia, the corresponding speed version relies on 10-spoke raders. The inmates are supposed to be comfortable sitting in the westenklima, there are nice little things like picnic tables behind or a special key for the so-called "valet parking". He will be given to the person who parks the car for the owner. However, neither the glove box nor the trunk can be opened.

Power full

The powertrain remains unchanged: under the hood, a two-liter fencing cylinder works with 6 liters. The 560 hp flying spur arabia reaches 100 100 after 4.9 seconds and creates a top of 312 km / h. Even better, it makes his speed brother with 610 hp and a highest speed of 322 km / h. In germany, the flying lane starts at 178.143 euros. Based on this is with a price for the "arabia" of at least 200.000 euro to be expected.

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