China plans another subsidy reduction at e cars

China, according to electroautos insiders, may be further resuming in the coming year. The state wanted to animate the manufacturers to drive the development stronger, instead of relying on claims for cars with alternative drives, the news agency reported bloomberg today (6. July 2018) calling on with the matter familiar persons. The average requirement per car was sinking by more than a third compared to 2018.

The new regulation was allowed to regulate the sources that only cars with a range of at least 200 kilometers benefit from the demand. So far, the threshold is 150 kilometers. Still advise on the plan, so it still give changes. The state development and reform commission did not respond to a request on the topic.

Already in february, china had changed the rules so that cars with less than 300 kilometers reach a graded claim. For cars, which come with a battery charge 400 kilometers and further, however, the subsidy became 50.000 yuan (6445 euros) up. With the financial incentives, china wants to drive the proportion of cars with purely electric and hybrid drives, which can also be loaded on the socket,.

China’s central government had spent 6.6 billion yuan last year to impose the purchase of electric cars. There are also numerous different security agreements of regional governments and the city. Through the subsidies more chinese electric cars could afford. For the government, it is a step to become the immense air pollution in many bads lord.

China is the world’s largest car sales market and also has an immense meaning for the german manufacturers BMW, daimler and volkswagen.

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