Development environment: webstorm 2021.2 is available when storing actionist

Jetbrains has traditionally opened the update round of development environments with webstorm. The now published version 2021.2 updates among other things beyond the live edit mode when saving the preview in the browser. In addition, the actions are now summarized at one place before the IDE before saving. Documentation in JSDOC can recently contain typescript type information, and the automatic imports go beyond those for ES6.

Actionism when saving

Webstorm has been a web server on board for a long time, which allows the preview of HTML files to any browser. Open in browser suitable page automatically when developers or developers store the associated HTML, CSS or javascript content. The procedure strikes the live edit function, which is described on chrome and the debug mode.

The view preferences / settings | tools | actions on save bundelt now all actions that want to automatically perform webstorm when saving files. In addition to the functions already existing in old releases such as the exports of the code formatting tool prettier, among other things, imports can be optimized or formatting the code.

Development environment: WebStorm 2021.2 is available when saving actionist

The newly introduced reformatting of the code can be exchanged for the entire file or only the changed lines.

Well documented type

After the transaction version has already brought some poses for JSDOC, the current release extends the integration of type information in comments. It recognizes typescript syntax in JSDOC-block within .JS files and uses them to play the type definitions. In addition, the IDE knows additional syntactic constructs and can recently represent optional properties in typedef declarations correctly.

Development environment: WebStorm 2021.2 is available when saving actionist

The development environment can type declarations from typescript within JSDOC comments in .Evaluate JS files.

In addition, the IDE expands the insertion of automatic imports beyond ES6 modules. Webstorm 2021.2 fugue for missing commonjs modules suitable require instructions in car resistance.

With the key combination ctrl | old | J can be converted into an arrow function a labeled code block. The short ARF converts the development environment when printing on the TAB button into an empty arrow function.

More innovations in version 2021.2 like code inspection before a commit and the preview tab in the debugger can be found in the webstorm blog. Jetbrains offers all IDES in a subscription to the price within the first three years. Webstorm costs in the first year for single developer 59 euros and for companies 129 euros per developer square. From the third year, the year-round price is 35 euros or 77 euros per user. Unlike intellij idea, FUR webstorm does not exist free variant. However, among other things, operators of open source projects, schools, students and teachers and non-profit organizations can apply for a free variant of the complete jetbrains toolbox.

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