Electric oil for the coast city jungle

Electric oil for the coast city jungle

Tokyo (japan), 9. November 2011 – with the pivo 3 knows nissan for the tokyo motor show (3. Until 11 december 2011) the youngest generation of his series of concept cars for the gross city traffic of tomorrow. The electric electrowel with wheel hub motors is less than three meters long and designed for up to three occupants; it should turn on a straight four meter wide strain in a train.

Auto parking search

The driver of the PIVO 3 is centrally located in the directions of the journey, left and right of him ever finds a passenger. An automatic parking system called AVP (automated valet parking) should be sold-outly oriented locations. The charging of the batteries also does the PIVO 3 itself and can then be requested by smartphone command back to parking exit.

New commercial vehicle NV 350

In addition to the PIVO 3, nissan in tokyo introduces the new van NV350, which is located between the models NV200 and NV400. The van offers up to three meters cargo space, in the ratio 50:50 divisible and foldable back seats, a flexible loading space system and comfortable extras such as a final access and starting system with engine start button as well as a parking brake with pedal structure. The market import of the NV350 in japan is scheduled for summer 2012.

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