Exhaust gas fraud: investigations against daimler employees

Exhaust gas fraud: investigations against daimler employees

The stuttgart public prosecutor’s office has opened investigations against daimler employees on suspicion of fraud in connection with exhaust gas manipulation in diesel vehicles. "We are investigating employees of daimler AG, known and unknown by name, on suspicion of fraud and criminal advertising," a spokesman for the authorities said today.

He did not want to say how many employees were involved. Earlier, the weekly newspaper die zeit had reported that employees had incriminated the company with regard to possible illegal technical manipulation of diesel vehicles.

Upon request, daimler stated that it was in contact with the stuttgart public prosecutor’s office and other authorities. However, a spokeswoman said that the company had no knowledge of any interviews with employees by the stuttgart public prosecutor’s office.

The kraftfahrt-bundesamt (federal motor transport authority) did not find any violations of applicable laws in the course of its investigations last april. Also in 2016, the U.S. Department of justice had ordered daimler to launch an internal investigation into the certification process relating to exhaust emissions in the U.S. The company did not comment on details of the ongoing investigation.

In the course of the volkswagen emissions scandal, not only the wolfsburg-based company itself but also its supplier bosch were targeted by the public prosecutor’s office. Suspicions of manipulation also brought authorities to the scene in other countries. In france, for example, renault and fiat are under investigation.

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