Formula 1: vettel gets to keep his third world championship title

After being rebuffed by the world governing body, ferrari has finally given up its opposition to sebastian vettel’s formula 1 title. The team of world championship runner-up fernando alonso decided on friday not to protest against a disputed overtaking maneuver by the world champion and declared "the case closed. Earlier, the international automobile federation had responded to a letter from the scuderia clearing vettel of any wrongdoing.

Formula one boss bernie ecclestone sharply criticized ferrari for the indirect attack on the triple champion. "This kind of thing just doesn’t suit ferrari," ecclestone criticized a bad style of the traditional italian team in the british telegraph. The 82-year-old announced he would take ferrari president luca di montezemolo to task. The scuderia defended itself in its terse statement by saying that the video images of vettel’s manover against frenchman jean-eric vergne only emerged a few days after the decisive race in sao paulo. Some of the shots seem to show that the red bull driver overtook illegally under a yellow flag. "We have received tens of thousands of requests about this from all over the world," ferrari wrote. In the interests of all formula one fans, it said it felt compelled to ask the FIA for a review.

"The letter to the FIA was in no way intended to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the race result," ferrari affirmed. But the impression was different. To more than a few, the scuderia looked like a sore loser. Alonso quickly came under suspicion of having urged the team to write the letter. In the end, the spaniard would have become world champion after all if vettel had been penalized afterwards. The FIA finally dashed those hopes on friday with an official statement. "The uberholmanover does not constitute a breach of the rules, so there is no need to investigate for an offense," the association announced. Ferrari has also received this response. Already the day before, race director charlie whiting had let it be known that a track marshal had waved a green flag in front of vettel’s manover, signaling free passage. "Vettel reacted to the flag and did everything right," whiting said.

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