Google street view: federal minister of the interior warns against quick action

In view of calls for rapid legislative action against the controversial google street view internet service, german interior minister thomas de maizière warns against hasty reactions. "A legal regulation is not impossible", he told the stuttgart news. "But there will be no quick fix." the federal government will present proposals for solutions as soon as possible after a comprehensive review of the situation. Over the weekend, several state governments and data protection commissioners had called for rapid regulation of the handling of geodata.

Federal consumer protection minister ilse aigner (CSU) criticized the objection period offered by google. Homeowners and tenants can demand from google within four weeks that a photo of their property or apartment not be placed on the internet. Aigner told bavarian radio: "the objection period for the now 20 affected cities (…) I think is too short, especially for those federal states that are currently on vacation. I think an extension is absolutely necessary." she will therefore continue to negotiate with google.

SPD interior politician sebastian edathy also criticized the deadline as being too short. "This is laughable", he told the handelsblatt". "Either google is prepared to allow those affected to object at any time – the corresponding image of the property is then to be black – or the bundestag must clarify this."

Edathy spoke out in favor of a special data protection law for the internet. Due to the growing technical possibilities of the internet, it must be clearly defined in this law, "what is permissible and what is not". The SPD politician called it problematic that google, according to the current legal situation, is allowed to take photos of public road space just like any private citizen.

The grunen accuse the federal government of "complete failure" of. It has been known for months that street view is only incompletely covered by the current legal situation, and that citizens are right to demand legally binding protection, volker beck, the executive director of the green parliamentary group in the bundestag, told the newspaper handelsblatt. It is strange, he said, when the bravest act of government members is to file an objection to the display of their private homes. The goal of a legal regulation should be to keep in mind both important public interests and the fundamental rights of citizens.

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