Mazda 6 combi: erlzonig on secret test travel

Mazda 6 combi: erlzonig on secret test travel

Hair, 13. July 2012 – since 2002, mazda 6 is on the market as a heritage of the very successful mazda 626 and has developed into a crowd pleaser during this time. Now the latest generation stands before the start. It is said to score with a sleek design. This also applies to the station wagon, which our photographer has now caught as an explanatory.

Study as a model

Optical model for the new edition of the mazda 6 is the limousine study takeri, which was shown in tokyo at the end of 2011. The series execution should hardly deviate from it, but the combination of the combination is particularly at the front a family at the SUV CX-5. Also from the tubs, mazda is oriented to takeri, this is 4.85 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.89 meters. This promises good space differences for passengers and luggage.

Unusual motors

Under the dynamic sheet, mazda relies on the so-called skyactiv technology. Behind it hide gasoline and diesel, both of which work with a compaction of 14: 1. For a gasoline engine, this value is very high, for the self-condition, on the other hand, unusual low. At the gasoline, mazda also renounces a turbocharger. At the start, the japanese offer a two-liter gasoline engine with 165 hp and two diesel with 150 or 175 hp. Both self-cunning can be combined with a six-stage automatic. Something later still occurs entry-level motorcycles with 120 hp (gasoline engine) and 129 hp (diesel). For further technical highlights, the I-ELOOP system, which stores braking energy in capacitors.

The new mazda 6 sedan is expected to be shown at the end of august 2012, combination friends must have a little more likely: he stands at the end of september 2012 on the paris motor show. On the market, both models come in early 2013.

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