Merkel: legal change against driving bans

The consideration of diesel driving bans because of too high air burden in german bads should be made more difficult according to the will of chancellor angela merkel (CDU) by law. The CDU believe that driving bans usually are not relevant if the limit values for nitrogen dioxide are reduced only to a small extent, said on sunday (21. October 2018) after a meeting of the CDU top bodies. Accordingly, their party wants to change the laws.

In the citys like frankfurt, berlin or stuttgart, the air is burdened too strongly with pollutants. In many places, the limit value for nitrogen dioxide is exceeded. It can irritate respiratory tract and eyes that drove lung function states or to cardiovascular diseases. Cars with diesel engine are a cause of the bad air. In several cities threaten after court judging driving bans for alteren self-cord.

With a view to manipulated exhaust tests, the transition to less environmental cars and the installation SCR catalysts in old diesel cars said merkel, they stand by the side of the car owner. You should not create financial damage. You see "in a very important mabe" the auto industry in the responsibility. "Because the automotive industry has really massively confidently confidently, and therefore it must contribute to a contribution to restore this."

The rough coalition had broken down on a package with new macers for 14 heavily loaded cities, to turn the driving bans on a dirty air. Among other things, incentives for buying cars suggest that the exhaust standard euro 6 fulfills. In addition, rearrangements of SCR-kats will be allowed to be allowed to mimic at the age of old cars – but there are still fundamental commitments of the automakers.

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