Mexico: cartels set with explosives laden drones

Mexico: Cartels set with explosives laden drones

Mexican drug cartels recently set drones to throw explosives on their opponents. For example, doing the powerful cartel jalisco nueva generacion (CJNG), said mexico’s defense minister luis sandoval on wednesday in the day press conference of state president andres manuel lopez obrador.

There was a corresponding incident last on tuesday in the village of el aguaje in the state of michoacan. There were two police officers been injured. In the area, a power struggle for months of criminal groups has led to strain blockages, so that the population can not be supplied with things of the basic needs.

Containers with plastic explosive

The phenomena of drones loaded with explosives is disturbing, sandoval said. However, the criminal groups had not done much damage so far as they could not load the unmanned aircraft with a proper explosive material. More detailed information he did not do.

According to the BBC, two drones have been used in the attack, which had been praised in a similar manner, as two passengers confiscated last year. According to reports, tupperware-like retaining containers with C4 plastic explosives, ball bearing balls and a remote train per tank tape were on drones of the type "mavic 2 zoom" fortified.

The trap of explosions that have been used with the use of drones have given it next to michoacan also in the states of guanajuato and jalisco. There the CJNG fights with other groups around territory.

Drug war since 2006

Mexico experiences violence immense ejects, since the end of 2006 the so-called drug war broke out. Currently, nearly 100 murders are registered in the country with around 126 million inhabitants – in germany in 2019 were a total of 245. In addition, more than 87.000 people as disappeared.

Blood benefits goes to a rough part of the account of cartels and gangs involved in the drug smuggling in the neighboring country USA, but also to be taken by deployment and errarg money. Often you have connections to safety faults. Only about three percent of the offenses reported in mexico are clarified according to the facts of the think tank IEP.

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