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Russelsheim, 24. April 2014 – mitsubishi releases the electric vehicle (fruher: "I-miv") and the outlander phev for the bidirectional shop. From the 16 kwh of the small car can be used thirst for dafur zwolf; the OUTLANDER PHEV is available from the total zwolf KWH capacity nine. The japanese manufacturer thus creates the basis for the second stage of network integration – the electric car as a mobile buffer for electricity.

"But the first step must be to charge network," says thomic ruschmeyer, chairman of the federal association of solar mobilitat (BSM) and at the same time speaker of the AG mobilitat in the federal association renewable energy E.V. (bee). For the owner of an electric car, it has to pay off in euro and cents to recharge a grunge electricity exactly if it is particularly much on the net, so ruschmeyer. In the future, the vehicle will then function as a network service provider: "the japanese are generally a stucco in their development. This is also a consequence of the double catastrophe of tsunami and fukushima ". Translated: mitsubishi, honda and toyota now show how self-resistant that battery and fuel cell electric cars can supply a house.

So that it works well with the bidirectional current flow in germany, scientists of the technology transfer center (TZ) of the university of wurzburg-schweinfurt have built the prototype of a so-called powerbox. This is an AC / DC converter with a discharge capacity of up to 20 kw. In the homeland mitsubishi motors has been offering such a stucco power electronics for everyone since 2012; it works with 1.5 kw power. Enough to be used as an emergency generator.

Cycle resistance remains at least

The idea for the ideal network integration of electric cars is not new. What is needed on software and hardware about to work in conjunction with renewable energies, second-purpose electricity prices and consumption tips intelligently, all participants know. So far, the concept of the "vehicle to grid" (V2G) but, among other things, failed that a high wound up of the battery was delivered. The cycle strength had to suffer from the static pure and out of the stream significantly, so the thesis.

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