New imacs: again references to soon release

New iMacs: Again references to soon release

Apple’s developer conference WWDC was exciting in terms of new software, but did not bring a single fresh hardware product. In particular, the desktop macs require an early update – so apple imac and mac mini has not been touched for a long time. At least in the former all-in-one computer, the cloned again, that it soon could give new devices.

Wait until september

Even before the WWDC, speculation had given that the imac will appear with new technology. But then nothing has done. Now apple’s in-house online shops again shows evidence that an exchange is imminent: the 27-inch model of the machine is only hard to have. Yesterday was called for various models only at the beginning of september as a delivery date. Meanwhile, the availability indicator has started at eight to nine weeks.

In the german apple online store, the two imacs at 3.1 and 3.7 ghz, ie the two more expensive standard models, continues to receive a waiting time to at the latest 3. September. With cheapest standard imac with 27. Customs must be patient until the end of july. Interestingly, in large stores such as the berlin kudamm no models are original – that is very unusual for such a standard seller. If the availability goes down on hardware, this is often a sign for that apple followed.

What happens to the small imac?

There are no waiting times at the 21.5-inch version of the imac. This is still within a few days to the customer when the devices are currently ordered at apple. This applies to all three standard model variants from dual-core to 6-core. Whether this means that apple simply continues this, is unclear. Also in the shops, the smaller all-in-one machine is immediately available.

The new imac could come with a changed design. So a leader claimed, he expects the new imac a design language, which is oriented at the current ipad pro or per display XDR. The design of the imac had been working on apple before eight or ten years ago last. The current generation comes from the spring 2019 and got refreshed components missed. Also, there is apparently one end of the fusion drive, which combines hard disk and SSD,. Apple wants to put on ssds completely.

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