Online purchases from non-eu countries are partially more expensive

Online purchases from non-EU countries are partially more expensive

Partly high costs, but also no boses of preemptories: for online shopping from non-EU countries such as china or the USA, new rules apply since thursday. Smaller goods with a value below the previous limit of 22 euros are also a value of VAT, as the EU commission announced in brussel. At the same time, however, hidden additional costs should be eliminated and the transparency for customers are increased.

VAT is opened

Specifically, the new rules mean that in germany from now also at goods with a value of less than 22 euros 19 percent VAT, among other things, for bookers or foods are seven percent. If, for example, a CD from a US mail-order handler so far cost 20 euros, with taxes of € 23.80 are fally with taxes. The actual inch, which is collected separately, is still valid for goods with a value from 150 euros.

Customers should be exploited via the new rules but also better before boses surprises. Anyone who has previously appointed products from third countries had to expect in part with extras cost for the registration of customs by the transport company. This should be removed from now on and the specified price also the final price.

In order to facilitate the company’s sales to other member states, they can register with a portal that facilitates the inventiveness and billing of VAT.

Fair competition aware

The EU wants to prevent the new regulations that handlers from non-EU countries can continue to underbid their local competitors. So far, handler was based on all its goods sales tax based on all its goods, while for imports from third countries, the exemption limit of 22 euros was considered. "We think that consumers should accept some high prices sometimes. Because they guarantee fair competition", commented on the tax expert of the trade association germany (HDE), ralph brugelmann.

The free limit was also abused in the past for tax fraud. Some handlers identified packages with a price of less than 22 euros, although a much more expensive product was included. This did not automatically depict the VAT. The customs came the machinations only through controls on the legible. The damage for EU state banks through such loopholes, the EU commission estimates seven billion euros.

EU-wide standardization and more controls

Kunftig thire it no longer, "that someone declares something as a babyfon for funfteen euros and ultimately is an iphone in it", says brugermann. But you also need more controls for that. In addition, the EU wants to ensure that taxes are paid at the place of delivery of goods. For this purpose, an EU further threshold of 10 is now.000 euro, from the handler VAT removing. So far, individual thresholds had been considered in every EU country. The tax will only be charged with a tax office and distributed to the EU countries in which the handler has made sales.

The industry association for online and mail order BEVH calls the regulations "a step forward". For consumers become "concrete comparability" created at the prices. In addition, national handlers were thus relieved a stucco in international price war.

"Basically, this is a simplification, and we buried that as a step in the right direction", says brugermann. However, it is complicated, however, to find out the applicable VAT racers for individual products. Here it needs a uniform database. However, EU-wide uniform value added tax rates rejects the trade association.

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