Realme x3 super zoom: android phone comes to germany for 500 euros

Realme X3 Super Zoom: Android phone comes to Germany for 500 euros

Realme brings his new android smartphone X3 super zoom on 12. June in germany on the market. The mobile phone is equipped with high quality hardware and should cost 500 euros for the start of sales.

As SOC, the snapdragon 855+ is used, which is supported by upgraded 12 GB of memory. Coarse is the internal storage space with 256 GB, which the realme X3 super zoom is. However, there is no microsd slot for extension. The battery of the realm x3 super zoom fits 4200 mah. 5g, however, misses the phone, users can only surf the last.

Realme X3 Super Zoom: Android phone comes to Germany for 500 euros

The realme X3 super zoom costs 500 euros.

Display with 120 hertz

The 6.6 inches wide display of the X3 super zoom has a resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 hertz. The screen is interrupted by a horizontal notch, which reminiscent about the galaxy S10 plus. She houses two selfie cameras: the main selfie camera has 32 megapixels, there is an ultra-wide angle lens with 8 megapixels.

There are four camera modules on the back of the back: the main camera with 64 megapixels come with an ultraweit angle camera with 8 megapixels and a macro sensor with 2 megapixels. In addition, realme builds a telephoto camera with funffach optical zoom, which for that "super zoom" responsible in the name of the mobile phone.

The fingerprint sensor builds realme in the edge of the smartphone. The realme X3 super zoom runs to the start of sales with android 10. Realme is part of the chinese BBK group, to which OPPO, vivo and oneplus belonged.

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