Spotify greater daniel ek could buy the fc arsenal

Spotify Greater Daniel EK could buy the FC Arsenal

The spotify grounder and internetmilliardar daniel EK would like to buy a fubball club: "already as a child I have jubited the FC arsenal" EK wrote a few days ago on twitter. If the club owners explain the sale, then he was throwing his hat in the ring, wrote EK on.

That was not just so doing, the spotify boss said to the US news channel CNBC: "I make the owners make a strong offer, and I hope you hate me". And further: "I mean it’s really serious. I’ve already collected the money." the supp receipt of the english top club could cost several billion euros.

The FC arsenal is currently majority of the US entrepreneur stan kroenke. The billionar responded publicly to the planned revenue offer by EK. You will not sell arsenal to no prize, said kroenke of the british daily newspaper the guardian. There were no quotes, the london fubball association said.

Prominent support

With the fans of the traditional club, however, kroenke is at least since the commitment to the burst super league below: the FC arsenal wanted to participate in a european super league like five more british clubs (as well as three italyiches and three spanish clubs), which of the US bank J.P. Morgan should be financed. According to massive protests from the fans scene, of athletes and the politics this plan was officially laid on ice – the image of the responsible club property has never suffered.

Added to this prominent support for daniel EK: with thierry henry, dennis bergkamp and patrick vieira support three well-known club legends the surveying of the spotify’s ground. The FC arsenal is traditionally one of the most successful clubs in the english premier league, but in recent years, however, could no longer call up to early successes and is in place shortly before the end of the season – away – far from the champions league qualification.

EK greater the music streaming service spotify in 2006 and stayed until today business drivers of the company. Despite increasingly growing numbers of users – now spotify pays over 150 million subscribers and subscribers – writes the streaming service red numbers. Most recently, the average elk per customer fell by 8 percent to 4.26 euros. Now price profit considerations should help make spotify profitable. In germany, however, the subscription costs are not changing for the time being.

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