Strict expression

Strict expression

Lisbon, 17. October 2014 – skodas through and by reasonable small cars looks in new generation of edgy, looks cooler and rational. As if skoda wanted to counteract a too strict expression, you can get the car in yellow with black roof, black outdoor mirrors and black rims. Maybe it’s how it follows only the fashion, as the successfully started opel adam, various mini models or the fiat 500. Skoda calls the "emotionally". Other emotions were important to us: on a first exit we wanted to find out how the new fabia is now on.

The long of fabia has changed little, she is still at about four meters. But the width took and the high – that demands a slightly more dynamic impression. However, the car remains quite high and thus still offers good entry and seating comfort. New am fabia are the engines and the infotainment.

A diesel and two gasoline engines in two versions each

You already know all components from the VW polo, the engine palette is identical. The basis is the new three-cylinder gasoline engines with a liter of displacement and 60 or 75 hp, alternatively there are the 1.2 TSI with four cylinders, 90 or 110 hp. Diesel friends have the choice between a 90- and a 105-hp version of the 1.4 TDI. A particularly economical greenline diesel with 75 hp should be added in 2015. All motors are erupted with a stop startup automatic. We elected the 90 hp ottomotor in combination with the standard funfgang circuit. At the end of the soil-level versions, it will be started by key rotation, in the top version style with a start button in unfamiliar position on the steering panels.

At 160 nm, the unit offers more than sufficient torque for the fabia. From about 1400 tours you can accelerate with it. Quickly such a thing as a lane, because also steering and circuit convey a direct feel and the chassis is in the best sense of essence: it proves that you can also be on the go without a popularity of agile, without sacrificing the comfort.

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