The ammunition used by the islamic state is mainly from the usa and china

The organization conflict armament research has examined the origin of samples from syria and iraq

With support of the US and its coalition, turkey will continue to advance the islamic state against the border town of kobane defended by the YPG. The turkish prasident erdogan realized that he will not support the kurds associated with the PKK, almost the only non-islamist group,. There is no difference between is and the PKK, he said on saturday. That the US supports the fatal policy of turkey shows the apology of the US vice-prassident bid against erdogan and the united arab emirates. He certified that they had nothing to do with the strengthening of any terrorist organizations, which he had claimed in a speech last thursday.

Meanwhile, kobane probably stands just before the case. The first IS flags have already been seen on homes. Also a strategically important hugel in front of the city seems to have been taken by the IS.

The ammunition used by the Islamic state is mainly from the USA and China

US 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge plant in 2005 in lake city army ammunition, independence, missouri,. Image: car

That the turkey, qatar and other gulf states directly support the terror group is with money, weapons and open limits, is a widespread adoption. In any case, it seems to be that the islamic state of ammunition (and also weapons) used by the US and others to the starting of the regional, IS-certified safety powers.

The organization conflict armament research (CAR), which pursues weapons in conflict zones to show where they come from, has now presented a report on small caliber weapons and ammunition, which is the IS struggle in nordyria (near kobani and serekani ) and in northern iraq in the sindscharbergen and kwh between 22. July and 15. August were taken off. 1 were examined.730 cartridges.

The ammunition used by IS comes from 21 countries and was established between 1945 and 2014. The terror group thus has many sources. Above all, the ammunition from china and from the soviet union, third place the US, followed by russia and serbia. Part of the cartridges comes from the syrian and iraqi disputes defeated by IS.

20 percent of the cartridges in the sample come from the USA and have been established in the last decade. Presumably, the iraqi safety force has been equipped with this, which then override the IS struggle. Also russian wolf munition was found a lot. It is distributed by a US company, the US government has delivered it to allied states in the region. Thus, almost 30 percent of the cartridges could come from the USA. China proves to be gross rusts supplier, which probably sold ammunition to syria, iraq and other states in the region.

But it was also found russian ammunition, the u.A. Was only made in 2013. Presumably it comes from the syrian coatings. Was also found ammunition from iran, which was produced between 2006 and 2013, and a few cartridges from sudan, what show that the country in africa and the middle east has become an important ammunition production and handler. Also from romania, bulgaria, north korea, turkey, czech republic or germany come the cartridges used by the IS. At the cartridges produced between 2010 and 2014 are the country of origin bulgaria, china, turkey and serbia in front.

In any case, the islamic state fires with everything he can get. The ammunition comes from other armed groups that have joined the IS. The IS also bought weapons of syrian opposition groups who had received them from other states. Corruption in the syrian and iraqi disputes was also allowed to have been a source, and sponsorship points were specifically conquered to get weapons.

For car director james bevan, it is clear how he reported the new york times that the security forces received ammunition from other states, "are unable to guarantee the protection of them". Driving weapons to regional aid, as is the straight germany in the case of northern iraqi kurds, for him "rough risk" is still through "little motivated safety force is increased that are prior to rough problems".

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