The first new expo advertising film

Radend verona and peter on the bands, but of any content is not the speech

With another 70 million advertising campaign, the expo wants to meet the previous visitor’s fleaways. Becoming with verona feldbusch and peter ustinov free after the motto: "that gives us only once – that does not come back". But the currently prefabricated klaamk, hopefully, does not challenge any imitators to the race on the expo country.

The expo recorded around 100 at the weekend.000 to 120.000 visitors on the landing of the world exhibition. So many expo visitors have not yet been paid on a weekend. Nevertheless, you still lag the expectations behind, and to counteract the previous visitor’s fleaness, now a roughly created advertising campaign with 3.000 TV commercials started, which are to be broadcast in the next nine weeks. The expo supervisory board approved another 70 million DM in early july.

As expected, pure klamauk showed on the expo country. Verona feldbusch discovered in the golf caddy on the expo-embansband also caddy riding peter ustinov. It starts a wild tracking ride across the landing of the world exhibition. With rapid speed, for example, the entrance gate of the buddhist temple plant of bhutan. Visitors to the world’s exhibition must be covered in front of the two advertisers, because otherwise they are driven out. Only on the gross stairs in front of the T-digit of telekom verona can set the peter. As soon as verona has set himself up to peter in the caddy, it’s already in fast driving on another "world travel". From the security service was not to discover the track.

The security service has only shielded the filming on the expo countries. These had to be created in quite a hurry. Embarrassing, the advertising strip also appears because with the CADDYS on the border already various unfalls have happened. Actually, these vehicles should also be throttled at 10 kilometers per hour at the speed. The security service has a statement to admonish each racer or to restore the vehicle if necessary. Observations show that it is already a certain sport to drive in the amount of slalom and to circle the human obstacles more or less sent. The latter explains why the first aid station pays the CADDY-impelled with the most common injuries.

However, however, such a raserstory should attract the television viewers to the expo, remains stylish. Because the contents of the world exhibition was not lost in the sketch yet. "Wonder" were also not expected from these advertising acceptors of expo-govern people in advance. In addition to television advertising, you can also count on hilldrunk spots and a coarse print campaign.

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