The gift of poison

The gift of poison

Varano (italy), 5. December 2014 – an in advance: the abarth 695 biposto is pretty much the nonsensical small car since the blessed renault clio V6. And at least as late as this one, of which we could at least partially convince ourselves at an exit.


Much closer than in the biposto you will not come with a serial car a real cuprovenbag. Finally stand abarth’s assetto corse race car pate. And for a variety this is not just in the brochure. That’s why the biposto has no ruckbank (biposto is nothing but two-seater, so with the ruckbank offered so), no air conditioning, no radio and no xenon or fog lights. There are remarkably a lot of carbon or exotic stuff like strings from titanium. Abarth was so good in omitting that the little devil weighs below 1000 kilograms. That’s just under 60 less than the standard abarth 500.

A little bit stronger

In order to bring the consequences of the diet even more radical, you also have the 1,4-liter turbomotor worked. He is now almost identical to the ASSETTO CORSE machine, say: a little more boost prere, a new charge air skool, a carbon airbox and a flap exhaust from akrapovic. Result: 190 hp. So far, the top performance of the abarth-T-jet motor was at 180 hp. The torque remains the same with 250 nm. The biposto represents with a power weight of 5.2 kg per PS and is intended to unwind the zero-on-100 km / h-sprint in 5.9 seconds. The highest speed is 230 km / h.

Claw gear

Like abarth’s racing cars, the biposto trusts a high-adjustable sports suspension and – now it is really wild – a dog ring gearbox. In principle, this is a switch box without synchronization. Instead of synchronous rings on the individual gang wheels, there are claws here, the appearance like the content of a can frolic – therefore the name dog ring. No synchronizer rings, faster switching and that for anything even without clutch – takes just enough time. In racing, these gears sequentially work, but abarth decided for a "normal" construction with H-pattern.

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