The peace conference on the security conference

Coarse police facility and a split peace movement

Next weekend, the all-year-old conference for security policy takes place again in munchen. In contrast to the last year (liberalitas bavariae on vacation) was previously conducted by the behavior this time no demonstration ban – although bavaria’s interior minister beckstein expects it to "rioting" and "wedding excesses" comes. The protesters do not restrain themselves to pure criticism, but put the "security conference" A constructive forum that "peace conference", opposite.

Although hardly to be viewed, why this year from another "threat" should be amed, the responsible persons spent back to a re-demonstration ban back. For example, oberburgermeister ude had already announced the last-year-old bill of association, such a ban must remain the exception. The general anti-war mood was also allowed to support this decision as a ban on pacifist demonstrations was currently not a good picture.

And so ude not only tolerates the demonstrations, but is even self-signed a call to demonstration against the threatening iraq war. However, this is not the event of the "demonstration", but a kind of alternative demonstration, initiated by the DGB. This demonstration is not aimed at the security conference and the policy persecuted there, but very concrete against one "attack war against iraq" and calls generally peace and absorption.

There are no secrets. There is no room for war preparations.

Horst teltschik

Thus, the DGB dissociates itself from the demands of the demonstration farm, which continues to be directly against the security conference and the represented there "war drivers" turning. Therefore, the DGB had to have the reproach that he column by a time-like own event the anti-war coalition. Those and on the ies to be discussed elsewhere in question german war participation went to the globalization-critical network attac in an open letter. Attac forms the above-mentioned demonstration firm together with the munchner peace bond and the covenancy against the NATO security conference.

Ultimately, the difference between the anti-war fractions in its principal attitude is opposite of military violence: the demonstration firm rejects this path as a matter of principle, while most signatories of the DGB call in it see at least a possible political means. This already showed a podium discussion this week, at which besides christian ude also the green angelika beer participated. This discussion was led by the head of the SZ-aubressort stefan kornelius, who in advance the security conference "global debating club" stylized. Organizer horst teltschik (together with the quandt foundation and the US liaison office for bayern) itself had not failed to put in the last year in view of the surprising resistance last year, this year for better university work and loaded in december to the press property, among others the rough transparency of the event pointed.

If a german defense minister wanted to tell his american colleague in four eyes a few basic principles, without adding a press conference to missen – munchen is the place.

Stefan kornelius

Angelika beer and christian ude is now over the weekend in the well-known twisting, on the one hand to be part of the official conference, but on the other hand before the door "against the war" to demonstrate. At the parallel to the security conference peace conference, among other things, the physicist hans-peter durr, the peace researcher johan galtung and attac co-agent susan george appear and a perspective for "safety" showing that does not go primarily from military interventions.

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