Three-divided america

The former crucible splits demographically

The US is commonly regarded as a country with a soul, although no other country of the earth has to offer a comparable crucible of such different cultures. Close looking, however, in the youngest time, the US also shares in several regions, which differ in terms of culture and demographically clearly different from each other. To this result is now the demograph william H. Frey from the population studies center of the university of michigan in his study, which recently appeared in the journal of the american planning association.

Accordingly, the US was already in the prasidal elections in 2000 in "two countries" shared with their own political directions. For this-year election of the congress, however, the politicians and electoral champs have already had to do with three very different and very fast emerging parts of america. Frey has evaluated the public paying data from the US from 2000. "The result is in total contradiction to our conventional view, we are a single crucible", so the scientist working at the institute for social research of the university, the world’s largely large research institution in this field.

Three-divided America

The three regions of the USA. Image: university of michigan

For example, frey refers to the first region as the "new sun bowl" (new sunbelt). These 13 fast-growing states are mainly located in the southeast and west of the united states and offer a funftel of the US population at home. The new sun bowl is ensured in the US in the US: 79 percent of the rise in the sowing population came from the new sunbelt, which is due to the fact that the most intact families live here, and the black and fabrics that are equally equally want to escape and it can also afford. That leads to the city of some states such as georgia, colorado or nevada already to confronted living conditions.

For example, only 24 percent of people living in nevada are also born there. As the typical "crucible" (melting pot), on the other hand, frey only refers to nine states, including california, florida, new york, texas and illinois, where most of the US immigrants live. 74 percent of hispanic and asian immigrants live in this crucible in which even the suburbs are multicultural. The female population, on the other hand, has strongly decreased in the 1990s. Especially soft mittelschichtfamilien are in the states of the "new sunbelt" drawn. In addition, the political program of re-collaboration of immigrant families, new immigrants lead to those places where they are unusual and, so noticed frey, where they find stable family transactions and ground new families.

The remaining 28 states, including, for example, new england, pennsylvania, ohio or indiana and the upper midwest, make up shape as frey calls it, "the heartland", the heart stuck of america. Compared to the other two, these mostly inhabited region in the 90s had a much slower population growth. These states also have the largest share of the ages and the workers’ population and are politically rather conservative.

"What was the right place to stay downtown, suburb and land with its typical inhabitants, has now spread all the regions of the USA."

Who has used earlier in the suburb, now lives in new sunbelt. The reason for this is frey sees in the increasing flexibility of the americans in choosing their place of residence and their jobs. "Especially for americans from the middle class, both lifestyle and economic reasons play a rough role in the coating, where you settled down."

But the immigration policy of the american government, criticized by some as an experiment, plays a considerable role in the regionalization of the US burger. However, what is due to the concentration of all urban groupings in a city of everyday life, namely that people of different classes and cultures meet together, communicate with each other and work, is no longer given in this development in the width of the form as previously, acute frey. The social groups are more and more different from their different demographics, lifestyles and values.

"For politics, it must therefore be an important step in creating a bridge between these new regions, which have different ideas, but still the same aspirations".

But even more difficult, it was allowed to be for the next prasident to meet the inhabitants of all regions with their various settings in the presentation of his electoral program and to promote their voice. ()

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