Uk: dispute over plan b for northern ireland

UK: Dispute over Plan B for Northern Ireland

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London wants to assign the regions former EU competences but at the same time ensure that they were accepted from other parts of the united konigreich

Yesterday, the british government submitted a bill for an internal markets bill, who should grab when the consolation during the up to 31. December current transitional period does not agree on a partnership agreement with the EU. This internal market law transferers competencies on energy efficiency of buildings, air qualitat, animal welfare and a number of other statements that are so far at the EU, on the four british lands england, scotland, wales and northern ireland.

Minister getting power to modify or not apply rules for movement of goods and subsidies

The new standards set by the regions to the will of the british government but did not lead to the fact that products from a british country part no longer sold in each other can be sold. Therefore, she wants to set up a new british internal market work – the "office for the internal market". These authorities should – non-binding recommendations to regional parliaments and parliament in westminster.

For goods that go from england, wales or scotland to northern ireland, british ministers should decide whether that "risk" a resale to the EU is so crude that they are proven with EU liabilities. In addition, the london ministers get the power to modify or not apply rules for movement and subsidies.

Johnson: "legal safety net against extreme or irrational interpretations"

Boris johnson charged the introduction of this law yesterday with the need for a "legal safety net against extreme or irrational interpretations of the [northern ireland] protocol [in the exit contract], which in his view could otherwise drove, "which arises a border in the irish lake, which adversely affects the good friday agreement and disadvantageous on peace".

Already before the presentation one had emphasized in downing street that the internal markets bill merely "small clarifications" in "extremely limited areas" deliver "eliminate ambiguities" target. It was not intended to remove the exit agreement, which was in january to international law.

Inner-party opposition

Northern irel minister brandon lewis did not quite this opinion on tuesday at an appeal in parliament. When the conservative deputy bob neill asked him, whether it was ensured that "nothing, which is proposed in this law, could break international obligations or international legal preparations or crashed potentially", he answered that international law is broken very limited.

Several other politicians of the tories – including the former prime minister of theresa may, the former prime minister john major, the aufenpolitikstaatskretar tobias ellwood and the augen committee’s chairman tom tugendhat warned, the step konne konne interrinds the confidence of other governors into the reliability of british commitments and thus planned trade agreements endanger. Another prominent tory – the former party leader iain duncan smith, on the other hand, referred to a clause in the exit contract, which preserves british state authorities a right to clarifications.

Also sturgeon and miles are dissatisfied

In northern ireland itself, representatives of the two coarse confessions who have to form the regional government together to the good friday agreement, very different opinion on the internal market act: during the catholic regional government fuss michelle O’neill before one "irreparable damage for the entire irish economy" warned, sammy wilson, the brexit spokesman of the protestant democratic unionist party, "satisfied".

Internationally less considered are the negative reactions of the leads from the other two non-english regions to the internal market act: the scottish regional government chef nicola sturegon sees him no net transfer of new competencies, but a net return, because london also slave such standards, which have been doing such standards for a long time be set in edinburgh. It is therefore open to the legal road. The welsh brexit minister jeremy miles, who belonged to the labor party, also became dissatisfied and threw london one "attack on democracy" before.

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