What’s on the russian challenged to the is-ol smuggling via turkey?

What's on the Russian challenged to the IS-OL smuggling via Turkey?

Alleged tanker with IS-OL in syria. Image: tvzvezda.Ru

Putin explains, the launch of the SU 24 should protect OL smuggling route. A son of erdogan is allegedly involved in illegal OL managers

Strong words from the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan yesterday on the edge of the climate summit in paris: he will resume when prefers evidence that the turkey OL of the terrorists of is buying, he announced.

Erdogan obviously fails safely. If russia confessed by putin on monday "new evidence" for the smuggling of IS-OL via turkey, ankara was still able to doubt the authenticity of the proceeds submitted. A jerkiness of the turkish prasident is therefore unlikely.

What's on the Russian challenged to the IS-OL smuggling via Turkey?

Image: kremlin

Wladimir putin had explained in paris on monday, those who gave the order to launch the russian fighter float had wanted to secure the smuggling paths to the harbor in turkey, "where the tankers are loaded". The russian prasident explained, you have "additional information" get that OL from the IS "and other terrorists" controlled areas are delivered to turkey. That turkey protects the turkmen living in the syrian-turkian border area "a pretext".

The speaker of the russian prasident, dmitri peskov, did not want to continue on tuesday "new prove" following, but only explained the information about that the turkey OL is buys from IS, you do not need to overfore turkey, but "to get terrorism".

What's on the Russian challenged to the IS-OL smuggling via Turkey?

Alleged tanker with IS-OL in syria. Image: tvzvezda.Ru

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Russian newspaper: erdogan son deals with smuggling ol

For months, russian media have been reporting OL smuggling from the controlled area into turkey, at the forefront of the moscow komsomolskaya prawda. The sheet reported last week that the son of turkish prassident, bilal, even with OL from the IS territory. And there was also a photo that shows bilal with IS-fuhrern.

Bilal erdogan is a business man. Had the shipping company BMZ ltd. The company has only bought two new tankers for a total of $ 36 million in september in september. The tankers drive to escape the turkish tax, under maltese flag.

Smuggling routes threatened

The moscow weekly argumenty I fakty reported last october last year that there are ten olsequs in the controlled territory. The terrorist organization has earned two million dollars through the sale of OL per day. Until the airshot of the USA, the IS at OL sale in the year 800 million dollars earned.

As is apparent from a graph published by the financial times, most smuggling routes from syria in turkey run over the western part of the syrian-turkic border. Just in this region, north of latakia, was shot down on tuesday a week ago the russian fighter aircraft.

Who benefits everything from the IS-OL to russian information. Image: tvzvezda.Ru

The smuggling net seems wide. The israeli internet portal globes reported on monday that in the daily controlled areas, up to 40.000 barrel ol produced. Kurdish and turkish smuggler were selling the OL from the ISA areas to israel. Israel get 75 percent of his OL from the kurdish part of iraq. The portal means to know that the OL on the kurdish city of zakhu (located on the dreilandereck iraq, syria, turkey) transported to the turkish city of silop and is sold for 15 to 18 dollars per barrel – the half of the world market price -.

The russian prasident putin had already shown on the G 20 summit in antalia pictures of OL smuggling. The pictures are from russian pilots from 5.000 meters high has been recorded, explained the kremlin boss. Tanklaster became one "lively pipeline" make up to the horizon. The russian army channel zvezda showed on tuesday a video of these columns of OL tank cars driving to the syrian-turkian border.

On saturday, the iraqi politician mowaffak al-rubaie had reported on his facebook page that the turkey’s terrorists of the IS allowed to sell OL on the black market. The politician, who was advisor to iraqi secret service from 2004 to 2009, also reported that wounded camphor of IS in turkish hospitals were supplied. MOWAFK also knew that hundreds of volunteers have repeated the border to syria each month to join the IS.

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