Airtags: apple improves the stalking protection

AIRTAGS: Apple improves the stalking protection

Apple needs to emerge at the firmware for AIRTAGS: the version 1, which is already committed at the beginning of june.0.276, which is to improve the stalking protection of the tracker, will now be provided in a new catch. The version number itself remains unnecessary. Information on the innovations of the firmware revision has not yet called apple.

Many AIRTAG users reported that they are the firmware update to 1.0.276 have not received in the course of the backing weeks, but the new version after sharing has now been directly installed on the tags. Maybe the new build of the firmware thus corrects problems when playing.

The firmware version currently installed on the airtags can be found in the "where is?"-APP exams, for that you types the battery icon in the AIRTAG detail view to open the firmware version information – as well as the serial number. An installation of the update does not manually make, it will be performed automatically when the airtags are located near the associated iphone.

Fruhere warning should make stalking complicated

The new firmware version should prevent airtags from being used for secret location monitoring, as apple had challenged at the beginning of the month. If an AIRTAG is met by another person who does not use an iphone, the tracker is intended to pay attention to at least 24 hours by a warning sound after eight to spad 24 hours – and not only after three days, how originally adjusted.

Iphone owners (from ios 14.5) are usually pointed out at the way home or reaching a frequent place to a foreign airtag. In order to provide such protection for android users and users, apple also works on a warning app for android, which will be released in the further course of the year.

However, the time windows reduced by the new firmware does not despise all tracking scenarios: if a stalking victim returns regularly into the vicinity of the stalker – for example in situations of domestic abuse – the timer will be reduced and there may be no warning. The warning tone of the AIRTAG is not extremely loud – in our AIRTAG test it was 73 decibels – and the loudspeaker can be destroyed without affecting the tracking functionality.

AIRTAG: family release is still missing

Other new features does not seem to deliver the firmware. So the supported by many users’ support of apple’s family release is still missing: while all the apple gates of the family let all the family members get tracks, this is not the case at AIRTAG. A shared car block lies, for example, only from the airtag owner places. As part of family release, the partner only has the option to stop the warnings of the airtag, but can not be the key "where is?"-app track.

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