All just borrowed: renault latitude on the road

All just borrowed: renault latitude on the road

Cascais (portugal), 15. November 2010 – when renault ventured into upscale segments, it often came up with extravagant designs like the vel satis or avantime. And even models like the 30 or 25 seemed at least in germany verhaltnismabig original. The french never really had much success with it in this country, but owners at least bought into the feeling of owning a pleasantly different car. Renault’s latest "strike", the latitude, seems to be the antithesis of the above-mentioned processes. Whether this promises more success, we have experienced.

Biedermann from korea

Our first impression of the 4.90-meter sedan: the latitude presents itself very inconspicuous, underlined by the only colors available in this country, a black and a gray metallic. The latitude was built in south korea by samsung, where it also comes off the production line as the samsung SM5. Because the french have an 80 percent stake in renault samsung motors. The visual differences are limited to more chrome on the renault. This saves development costs, especially since the latitude is designed as a global car that should also find friends in the USA or russia.

In search of comfort

Ow much can be said about the exterior, but what about the interior?? After listening to the tinny sounding door, I try to settle into the driver’s seat. Easier said than done: with a body size of 1.87 meters it was not possible for me to find a comfortable seating position. The steering wheel is not adjustable high enough, and the seat’s leg rest is much too short. As a small consolation, the leather-covered driver’s seat offers a massage option in addition to the electric adjustment with memory function. In the rear, there is enough space for head and legs, but the upholstery offers too little lateral support. The comparison with the facelifted laguna, which was available at the same time, is interesting: here, the jerk bankers enjoyed more legroom despite 20 centimeters less length. In the luggage compartment of the latitude fit ubrigens 511 liters. A respectable value, which can be extended by folding down the backrests.

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