Apple’s time machine finally runs with apfs

Apple's Time Machine finally runs with APFS

Big sur comes with a function that apple users have missed since the apple file system (APFS) has been used: the compatibility of the proprietary file system with the backup method time machine on external media. This reports developers who could try the beta of macos 11.

Transparent and as usual

If you wanted to make fuses built up with the technique built in the operating system, the mac connected hard drives and ssds had to be formatted with the old file system HFS +, although apfs are standard on all macos machines – for the first time with macos 10.13 ALIAS HIGH SIERRA. Now this is finally changed – already the first beta of big sur seems to easily create backups with APFS volumes. (local backups on the APFS standard medium have already been usable.To)

No reformatting necessary

The time machine settings accept external APFS media, as has so far only with HFS + volumes the case – and also the backup works as aware. A reformatting of APFS media in the HFS + format, which was necessary for time-machine activation so far, remotes. The process is transparent, it does not seem to give a difference to HFS +, as many users had also boosted. Time machine puts commanative backups for the last 24 hours, day-to-day backups for the past month and weekly backups for the past months – each until the record is full. The oldest backups are beaten gradually gradually.

Good for external ssds

APFS is not necessarily recommended for regular hard disks, as it is specific for ssds optimized and mechanical hard disks can even slower. Accordingly, one must consider how meaningfully the transition to HFS + is. Users external ssds, which prevail more and more, can change without performance loss and switch to the more modern file system.

Capped APFS media under ios

With ios 14 or ipados 14 apple still leads another APFS enhancement: kunftig the mobile accesses in the files app can also be able to cope with fused APFS media. For example, one can adhere to an external, APFS SSD to his ipad pro and then go directly to and edit them directly.

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